Valentine’s Day Tea Party Serveware: Ideas to Buy or Borrow

In this high-tech, trendy world, wouldn’t it be nice to take a break with a charming, vintage-style Valentine’s Day tea party? Imagine an intimate table setting laid out with all things dainty and floral-patterned—from tea cups and tea pots, to cake and pastry stands, to trays, platters, and dishes. Worried that you don’t own such things or have enough of them for a party? Well, here are some lovely ideas for mixing and matching key pieces that you may have, can buy online or in thrift shops, or can borrow from family members and friends. The result will be the prettiest tea party spread for Valentine’s Day!

Vintage-style Tea Pots & Tea Cups

The overall decor for your Valentine’s tea party should be suitably romantic. Think pearls, lace, and roses to provide the perfect shabby chic look. But the stars of the party tables will, of course, be the tea sets—fine china tea pots and tea cups with dainty floral designs or antique sterling silver ones.

Valentine's Tea Party Featured Finds for Tea Pots and Fine China

You can set the mood even with just 3 to 4 eye-catching pieces, as in these Victorian-style tea pot and tea cups (1) with lovely pink rose designs and unique shapely handles. Or a truly gorgeous peony-and-butterfly design (2) adorning an entire set. Such lovely pieces for serving sweet treats for Valentine’s!

Valentines tea serverware

You could also combine antique pieces, like a sterling silver tea pot, with more modern cups for tea (3)—keeping within one color for a unified effect. If you have a collection of heirloom pieces, like this darling pair of chintz pattern tea cups and a Crown Dorset tea pot (4), now is the time to show them off! Just as you must bring out tea china as beautiful as these—a graceful gold-trimmed tea pot and matching heart-shaped plate (5) along with pink floral cups and saucers in varied designs.

Whatever you have or can buy or borrow, there are so many ways to create an inviting tea party display!

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Lovely Cake / Pastry Stands

What would a tea party be without dainty confections and finger sandwiches, right? And of course, these must be displayed in keeping with the vintage theme.

Valentine's Tea Party Featured Finds for Porcelain Cake and Pastry Stands

Present elegant frosted cupcakes or delicate spring cookies on stemmed cake or pastry stands. We love the one with the domed glass cover (1), don’t you? Or perhaps a pink glazed cake stand (2) for the sweetest display of macarons and bite-size pastries. Show off petite heart-shaped sandwiches on a tiered plate-style stand (3)—here with a chic gold dotted design.

Pastry and Cupcake stands for Valentine's Day tea party

You can even double-stack two cake stands (4) for added height and impact, while layering mismatched plates, cups, saucers, and chargers for delightful whimsical place settings. Perfect for displaying Valentine’s cupcakes! And finally, consider using tall, stemmed glass goblets (5) to offer up tea party treats, as well as martini glasses, glass globes or cubes for a more modern look. Or heart- or flower-shaped dishes to display sweets on a candy table nearby.

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Tea Party Serveware & Table Accessories

Other little table elements can play up the Valentine’s Day sentiment with just a lovely surprise touch here and there. See some ideas below!

Valentine's Tea Party Sweets and Sandwich Display Ideas

Mini serving trays with floral patterns and gold edging (1) make a pretty presentation for sweet or savory bites. Heart-shaped candy dishes look extra-special set on placemats and scallop-edged cutouts (2) made from (believe it or not) wallpaper remnants! Serveware you already have, such as glazed casserole dishes and metal serving trays with ornate design (3) can serve tea-party duty in style.

Valentine's Tea Party Pastry and Cake Display Stands

Tinted glass vases (4) can coordinate with the rest of the tea party tableware, as they hold gorgeous fresh blooms. For final inspiration, you can create an inviting “family heirloom” type tablescape with a vintage floral tablecloth and an eclectic mix of pink depression glass, fine china, antique silverware and marble-ized paper napkins (5).

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Oh, and you mustn’t forget to send your guests off with Valentine’s Day tea party favors to remember this special occasion!


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    • Greetings! We always provide original site links as you will read in the source links’ section under #1. If you still have trouble spotting the link to your blog, please let us know. Thank you for dropping by. Your tea table was SO lovely that it had to be featured as inspiration for our readers.

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