A Chinese New Year Party Guide: Decorations, Food, Favors!

What a great excuse to celebrate another start to the year, this time based on the Chinese lunar calendar! You get to play around with unique decorations, try out interesting food and drinks, and gift guests with fun favors. But how and where to get the right party products may have you stumped. So we’re delighted to share decorating and menu ideas from our own styled set. Plus ‘where to buy’ links for Chinese accent pieces, serve ware, food items, and treats.

Kung hei fat choi! “Congratulations and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!”

Chinese New Year Decorating Ideas and Treats

Chinese New Year Decorations and Favors by Bellenza.

How do you create the look and feel of a Chinese celebration? With just a few key elements (see product links at the end of this post), you can bring a charming Oriental ambiance to life for your guests. Here in our styled set, we used bamboo trays to serve the party goodies, bamboo sticks in tall jars as a backdrop, and ceramic bowls overflowing with colorfully wrapped favors!

In a pretty palette of red and aqua, see how you can plan a Chinese New Year Party!

Who doesn’t love a fortune cookie surprise? Especially if you use them as clever garnishes for your party drinks. We thought the cookies went well with chilled milk. But you could serve fresh fruit juices, Chinese tea, or sparkling wine!

Chinese New  Year Cookies and Treats with a Asian Fusion Twist!

Yes, those are Oreo’s alongside the Chinese dumplings, egg custard tarts, and ginger cookies! Feel free to have fun with your party goodies. Mix in Western favorites that your guests will find familiar, as you also offer Asian treats for them to try.

Chinese Paper Lanterns in Pink with Faux Cherry Blossoms!

Paper lanterns are already a party planner’s go-to decoration. So you may, in fact, have a few on hand from past events. (If you don’t, think about it because they’re a great investment.) See how easily they create an Oriental-inspired setting, when combined with sprigs of faux cherry blossoms!

Chinese Dimsum -- food for Chinese New Year Party!

Want to serve authentic Chinese party fare, without poring through recipes with unfamiliar ingredients? Order take-out! Or buy ready-to-serve packaged foods. The links below cover noodles, pot stickers, wontons, and related menu items. Plus fortune cookies and gold chocolate coins to give as favors.

Where to Buy?

Wondering where to buy party decorations for your Chinese New Party? Look no further than these party favorites that we’ve picked out.

Chinese New Year Party Essentials.

Decor and Favors

  1. Red Paper Lanterns – available at Party City
  2. Bamboo Sticks – from save-on-crafts
  3. Chinese chopsticks – from Amazon
  4. Dim Sum Bamboo Mini Steamer with Lid – see the item at Bio and Chic
  5. Chinese takeout boxes – available at Webstaurant Store
  6. Red Organza Favor Packaging – from Bellenza.com

Ready-to-serve Food / Chinese-themed Treats

As for what to eat, think of take-out or ready-to-eat prepared dishes, and you’re party is set to go!

  1. Chow Mein Noodles – available at Panda Express
  2. Frozen potstickers and mini wontons – from Annie Chun
  3. Chicken Fried Rice – available from Whole Foods
  4. General Tso’s Chicken – from Sam’s Club
  5. Fortune cookies – at Amazon
  6. Chocolate gold coins – from Oriental Trading

With party ideas this fun and easy to do, you can have a Happy New Year…all over again!


  1. Melanie, there are so many great party ideas in one spot! Wow, what an amazing blog. Hope you’re having a great week, CoCo

    • Hi there! Glad to see you come by! We always love such nice comments!

  2. I love the idea of adding the fortune cookies on the glasses. Cute! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

    • Thanks, Jacqui! Aren’t they cute? See you next week, too.

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