Christmas Gift Guide for Bloggers: 12 Cool Choices!

If we had a wish list for this Christmas (who doesn’t, right?), these trendy and techie items would definitely be on it! We’re bloggers, too, just like many of you. So, we totally get how having desktop accessories that are cool, clever and fun can make deadline chasing so much more doable. Take a look at the dozen gift suggestions we’ve put together. Delight your blogger, techie or nerdy friends with these. Or treat yourself to a couple, too!

Hip and Practical Christmas Gifts for Bloggers

Practicality, unique design, and humor were the key factors in selecting these gift options. Hope you have as much fun “shopping” as we obviously did discovering these great finds!

Hip and Practical Gift Ideas Bloggers Would Love to Get This Christmas

1 – Helicone Desktop Toy, John Edmark, 2008 from MOMA Store ($75.00)
Imagine gifting an artsy friend with an actual piece of modern art, desktop size!

2 – Perpetual calendar from Block Design in the UK (£18.00)
Your friend will remember you year after year with this amazingly simple calendar that never needs replacing!

3 – Pig Eyeglasses Holder from Uncommon Goods ($36.00)
Give a spectacle-wearing friend a chuckle with this stoneware piece by Karen and Stephen Steininger.

4 – Boston X-Acto Pencil Sharpener from Vermont Country Store ($29.95)
Such a sleek upgrade of the traditional hand-cranked sharpener. A great gift for the whole family (if your recipient will share it!).

5 – WAFF Notebook from WAFF Store ($28.00)
Why give a usual old notebook when you can have this one in bright blue, jumbo size, and looking like a plaything?

6 – Stainless Steel Faceted Mug from Starbucks Store ($16.95)
Just the thing for those late night deadlines! Trendy copper finish, and 14 fl oz. capacity for all that coffee.

7 – Art print from Spell and Tell etsy shop $11.58+
This is sure to give a boost on days when your gift recipient (or you) may not feel too “super”!

8 – YO Lamp from Zelco ($35.00)
You will love the flexible features (literally) of this LED lamp: extendable arm, vibrant colors, and either battery-operated or via USB cable.

9 – Real Wood Cover for Ipad from Toast ($39.00)
In this age of synthetics, this is a luxe present to give and receive. Real wood, with custom etching available if you wish.

10 – Throw pillow from Hope a Little etsy shop ($25.54)
Give the gift of a wittily worded pillow. We all know we need a chuckle to get us through a tight work schedule.

11 – Blue Agate Paperweight from One Kings Lane ($19.00)
Still an eye-catching piece to have on hand, even in a “paperless” work world.

12 – Umbra Ribbon Clock from In Mod ($55.00)
Telling the time never looked so trendy. A sleek addition to any work space.

Which of these items just got added to your Christmas gift list—whether for friends, family members, or for YOU?

Remember, the sites and shops where these came from have lots more ideas for great presents. Do pay them a visit!

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