How to Host a Fun Pizza-themed Birthday Party for the Kids!

Mama mia! It’s a pizza birthday party! And not just a gathering where pizza is served, but a fun kiddie bash where the little guests get to make their very own pizza. So you can imagine how the ‘big kids’ in us had a blast scouring the web for ideas to help Mom and Dad put together a pizzeria-themed celebration, with all the trimmings. Grab some great tips from these fab parties we found!

Serving Up Some Delicious Fun

Decorations and activities for a pizza themed birthday party for the kids

Start pre-heating the party oven as soon as you send out the invites (2)! This cute example from Zazzle has all the typical pizzeria elements (chef’s hat, moustache, checkered background) that are sure to get everyone excited. Then, when the kiddie guests arrive, get them geared up for kitchen duty with personalized hats (4) and their very own chocolate moustaches—as in this great party featured on Handmade Hilarity!

Now for the real fun part—pizza making (1) and party games (3)! Set up a prep station with all the ingredients from ready-to-use crusts to grated cheese (image from Time Out – NY Kids). And plan activities with a pizza twist, like this ‘pin the pepperoni’ game (downloadable from Real found via Domestic Charm.

The Food and Favors

Food and favors for a pizza themed party

The party food display (6) should certainly be pizzeria-inspired, too! So take your cue from this temptingly tasty setup of pizza fixin’s found via Sweeten Your Day Events, laid out with cheery checkered linens. Or this charming dessert table (5) from Scrapaper by Erica, with a ‘banner’ creatively crafted from wooden kneading boards!

For sweet treats, keep in theme with irresistible ‘pizza’ cupcakes (7) like these from Or other yummy choices like pizza cookies, moustache and chef’s hat pops, candy ‘caprese’ skewers, rolling pin candies, and more. And for party favors (8), package them in goodie bags printed with pizza graphics or trimmed with checkered bows and pizza tags, as in this delightful real party featured on Southern Belle’s Charm.

Make the most of the pizza theme by:

  1. keeping things kid-friendly – have pizza ingredients all pre-chopped, sliced, and grated and set out in individual dishes; pizza sauce in squeeze bottles; aprons to protect party clothes
  2. having a consistent color scheme – choose the traditional Italian colors of red, green, and white or the iconic pizzeria motif of red-and-white or black-and-white checks
  3. decorating with fun pizzeria elements – prepare mini versions of chef’s hats, aprons, rolling pins, and kneading boards; set out checkered linens, chalkboard menu boards, and Italian food labels

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