Halloween Round-Up: 7 Delectable Homemade Desserts!

For some, Halloween is not all about the costumes, it’s more about the many sweet treats. Now that Halloween is just weeks away, we’d like to give your sweet tooth a feast of ideas on how to transform ordinary desserts into delectable Halloween treats. These devilishly delicious homemade desserts may look like they’re crafted by pros, but they’re actually a cinch to create at home. They’re easy to make, great-tasting, wonderful to look at and perfect for children and adults alike. From monster cake pops to spider cupcakes, these delicious Halloween desserts are sure to liven up your haunted Halloween party!


1. These Hairy Daddy Longlegs Cupcakes require nothing, but plain cupcakes and a truckload of imagination. Charm the children by splashing some sprinkles, throwing in some round candies for eyes and adding a few licorice strings for the legs. This Hairy Daddy Longlegs Cupcakes are best served with a cup of coffee or creamy hot chocolate. Get the complete recipe from Spoonful.

2. Whip up these Gumdrop Ghosts for a totally spooky Halloween. This one may take a while to make, but it’s a real crowd-pleaser! This homemade recipe is sure to impress your guests, especially if they’re as yummy as they look. Make them days ahead of your party and keep them in an airtight container until you’re ready to party! Check out Hungry Happenings for the complete recipe!

3. This Night of the Living Cupcake by Epicurious can send any tradition dessert to the grave. We know zombies are all the rage recently and any exciting zombie-themed party cannot afford to miss them on the dessert table! You can use plain cupcakes as your base and add frosting and grounded chocolate cookies to replicate the texture of soil. Top each cupcake with a zombie hand molded from any chewy candy of your choice.

4. Spooky Cake Pops never go out of style, and all it takes is a bit of creativity to turn it into a fun seasonal treat. Remember, the coating doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth! Instead, leave it a little messy for a spooky and gory touch! Get the complete recipe from Bakerella!

5. Let the kids help you design these colorful Witches’ Wands dessert idea from Our Best Bites. They are always a sure hit with the kids and they are supremely easy to make! Cover pretzel sticks with chocolates, melted candies, sprinkles, frosting, and everything else you can get from your macabre imagination!

6. Gluten intolerant guests shouldn’t be kept from having some fun with sweets on Halloween! These Gluten-Free Rolled Sugar Cookies by Bakingdom are great biscuit giveaways for trick-or-treaters. Bake them a day or two ahead to cut your prep time in half, then fill in and decorate before your guests arrive!

7.  Chocolate mousse is always a fantastic way to end the meal, and a little added decoration can make it suitable for the season. To get the ghoulish graveyard look of Chocolate Graveyard Pots, use crushed up cookies as soil to top the mousse, and add some tiny cookie squares that can double as spooky tombstones. Get the complete recipe from Lol Foodie!


  1. Our pleasure, Beth! Such a cute and clever idea.

  2. Thanks for sharing my gumdrop ghosts with your readers.

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