Halloween Cocktail Ideas with an Eerie Twist!

We know Halloween is all about kids, but that doesn’t mean that adults should be left out of the fun. Instantly transform mundane kiddie festivities to eerie adults-only gatherings with spine-chilling, ghoulishly good drinks. From mystic martinis to sinister sangrias, here we gathered three of our favorite Halloween punches from around the web. No soul shall go thirsty with these delightful cocktail creations.

Halloween Cocktail Ideas

1. This Red Sangria shimmers with the color of blood and looks great on any Halloween beverage table. Serve this in old-style Champagne glasses, and dress it up by adding skewered grapes or eyeball floats as garnish. Find the easy-to-follow recipe here!

2. Set a scary yet fun mood with this Spooky Punch. When having both kids and oldies as guests, this refreshing fruity red punch is the perfect choice. When making glasses for adults, amplify the flavor and “revive” the dead by adding a few splashes of rum or liquor. View the recipe here.

3. For a mysteriously spooky sip, try this Milky Way Martini. Perfect for glam-themed Halloween soirees, this to-die-for drink offers a terrifying combination of liqueur, chocolate vodka and cream. What creature could resist a sip? Know how to concoct this Halloween classic here.


  1. Enjoy, Debbie! These recipes aren’t too “deadly” despite the Halloween twist to them.

  2. Ooh, these look great! I’ll have to give them a try.

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