Homemade Halloween! Fun Crafts that are Simple!

It’s that time of the year again – Halloween is coming closer by the hour, and decorating ideas are flying off here and there. Sadly, some people don’t just have the knack when it comes to Halloween crafts and often resort to buying decorations that are far too overpriced to begin with.

If you’re one of these few people – fear not! We’ve got these nifty, easy-to-create design tips that would make your Halloween decorations look extra special without that extra special price.


  1. Mini Haunted Homes via crafting mogul Martha Stewart . This decoration idea can also double as goodie bags that your Halloween party guests can take home. Talk about an easy post-Halloween cleanup!
  2. If you think that Halloween costumes for children should be made with those flimsy plastic bags, think again. Here’s an idea for a Fairy Costume via DIY Network that you can design for your child, or even for yourself!
  3. Do you want to have inspired wall décor that carries on with the spooky theme? Paper Yo-yos via SeiLifestyle would be the answer. They only require a couple of pieces of craft paper, a little dab of glue and some scissor work and you can create wonderful accents that you can spread around your party area.
  4. Spiders are a recurring design element during Halloween. So, if you’re looking for a way to integrate spiders without the creepy feel, try this Spider Hatchlings Ceiling Decor via Spoonful. All you need are a couple of materials that are readily available in your home and some faux spiders. Voila! Conversation piece in an instant.
  5. Ghastly Glass Jars via Oz Wildlife Studio prove that you don’t need to buy a pumpkin to make a one-of-a-kind Halloween lantern. Craft glue, some thin paper strips and an old jar are all you need for this project. Try lighting these lanterns up with electric candles to achieve the look without the fire hazard, oops!
  6. Made with a few cutouts from felt and a little creativity, this Bat Door Decor via Country Living is a great door design if you’re tired of the usual cobwebs hanging about. It requires no major effort, but the impression it creates especially when lit at night is just spectacular!
  7. There’s nothing friendly about ghosts, but these Friendly Hanging Ghosts also via Country Living may want you to believe there is. A few materials and a little dexterity are required, but the final product just looks fabulous in your party space.

What are you doing this Halloween? Share your ideas with our readers! Have fun!

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