Rustic Christmas: Menu Planning Ideas for Food and Drinks!

As loved ones gather to celebrate amidst the warmth and cheer of a rustic Christmas setting, hearts are sure to be full. But you do want tummies to be stuffed with holiday goodness, too! So we’ve put together a mouthwatering rustic Christmas menu, covering appetizers to desserts and drinks. Guaranteed delicious, without keeping you tied up in the kitchen! Let these recipe finds kick start your menu planning!

Rustic Christmas Menu Ideas: Appetizers, Entrees, Side Dishes

Rustic Christmas Menu with Prime Rib, Soy Glazed Salmon, Lemon Rosemary Potatoes for an Elegant Dinner Party.

Image/recipe credits: 1 – Cheese board – Queen Bee Coupons / 2 – Prime rib roast – Food & Wine / 3 – Ginger soy glazed salmon – Food52 / 4 – Warm mushroom salad – Food & Wine / 5 – Lemon rosemary roasted potatoes – La Dolce Pita / 6 – Garlic lemon green beans – She Wears Many Hats

We also suggest starting the meal out light, with a cheese board (1) serving as the appetizer. It always looks so party-pretty. Plus you can vary what types, flavors, and costs of cheese to include. (Great tips on choosing and presenting cheeses in the link above.) Also, a crudite or vegetable platter paired with delicious dips is always a crowd-pleaser. For a chic, rustic look, you can present veggie sticks in little mason jar with dipping sauces!

For the stars of the meal, serve a choice of entrees to suit different tastes. A moist and tender prime rib roast (2) would be perfect, along with a flavorful ginger soy glazed salmon (3)! (The recipes reveal just 3 ingredients for the prime rib, and just 20 minutes baking time for the salmon!) A heartier option would include honey roasted ham, grilled veal or lamb, or even turkey.You can present your food containers atop sliced wooden discs at the dinner table. These would also look great on a console table in your dining room.

And for simply delicious side dishes, you can’t go wrong with this warm mushroom salad (4), along with lemon rosemary roasted potatoes (5) and garlic lemon green beans (6). We also love a creamy soup made of pumpkin, roasted tomatoes, or curry spices. All surprisingly simple to make, but oh-so-perfect complements to the entire meal!

Rustic Christmas Menu Ideas: Desserts and Treats

Rustic Christmas Desserts with Poached Pears, Pudding Trifle, Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies, and Date Bars

Image/recipe credits: 7 – Spiced poached pears – Eat Your Books / 8 – Christmas pudding trifle – BBC Good Food / 9 – Chocolate hazelnut cookies – Fine Cooking / 10 – Date bars – Betty Crocker

In keeping with the rustic holiday theme, classic Christmas desserts are just the thing. Two of our finds can be savored spoonful by decadent spoonful: spiced poached pears with warm chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream (7), and Christmas pudding trifle with Grand Marnier (8). The other two are bite-size, just in case some guests may have over-indulged and want just a sweet nibble: glazed chocolate hazelnut cookies (9) and date bars (10). Both are make-ahead treats, so you simply serve them at the party or give them as favors. Fruit-based desserts are also a great option especially when there are so many yummy recipes using fruits like pears, apples, and peaches. Set up a Christmas cookie table with goodies from around the world. You can try making drinkable desserts, too! When creating a rustic-inspired dessert table, decorations like burlap runners, buntings, mini food flags, and wooden serving pieces are a must! Add some greenery to the scene for a simple yet elegant accent.

Holiday Menu Ideas: Drinks from Cocktails to Coffee

Consider a light prosecco or white wine for the appetizers and salad, followed by a red wine for the prime rib and a zinfandel to pair with the salmon. Follow the main meal with a variety of dessert wines carefully chosen to complement the type of dessert being served. Serve up some relaxing wintertime teas like Chai Orange, Earl Grey Mint, or Mulled Apple Cider. And for coffee-lovers, keep a piping hot decanter of good French roast coffee. Winter cocktails served up in cool copper mugs bring a nice modern rustic feel to your refreshments. Finally, don’t forget the eggnog!

Your family is sure to enjoy such a sumptuous holiday spread, while you still get to enjoy the company…and the compliments!

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