Get Crafty with a ‘Wild’ Welcome Display for a Safari Baby Shower!

We’re debuting our jungle safari theme for a baby boy with a DIY welcome display. With such a fun theme, we couldn’t help but let our creativity ‘run wild’ with a lion, tiger, elephant, and giraffe on the loose—plus a monkey ‘hanging around.’ Come along and see how we put the display together!

Cork Board Sign + Cardboard Animals

Welcome sign diy for safari theme baby shower

We made sure arriving guests would know “It’s a Boy!” with a large message on a framed corkboard. Plus, we chose a ‘welcoming committee” of the cutest jungle animal cutouts to usher them into the party area! Here’s how you can recreate these:

Crafting the Sign

Baby giraffe and tiger for boy safari theme party

  1. Take a large sheet of cork board and mount it in a frame—or you may already have one in your home kitchen or crafts room.
  2. Decide on your message, then cut the needed letters out of jungle-inspired or animal print gift wrap or scrap booking paper.
  3. Mount the letters on your choice of background, then onto the cork board.
  4. Add a separate ‘welcome’ sign, possibly painted on wood planks or written on a mini chalkboard using colored chalk.
  5. Stand the sign on an easel or a small table, with old wooden crates to prop it up.

Creating the Animals


  1. Trace the silhouettes of your choice of jungle animals on corrugated board—aren’t our lion, elephant, and giraffe such charmers?
  2. Cut out the shapes with a crafting knife, then paint the entire surface (front and back) with the appropriate colors.
  3. For the facial features and other details, simply cut these out of colored art paper and glue them on.
  4. Prop the animal cutouts alongside the welcome display.

A Shower Gifts Station + ‘Jungle Vine’ Bunting

Finished welcome table with toys and gifts safari theme

To complete the ‘wild, yet welcoming’ display, we incorporated a gifts station and devised our own take on bunting to suit the occasion!

Preparing the Gifts Station

  1. To assemble the gifts display area, set out fun, baby boy stuff and pile it into a wooden crate. A basket would do as well. In our case, we chose a toy tiger, a zebra-print towel, picture books (about jungle animals, of course), and a pile of little boy clothes.
  2. Then, add extra packing crates up front to hold the shower gifts that each guest will bring.

Assembling the Bunting


We couldn’t resist ‘swinging’ with the idea of a jungle vine as the perfect bunting for the occasion! To do the same:

  1. String up a clothesline alongside the party area and dress it up with loose leaves to simulate a jungle vine.
  2. Pin on little onesies, baby tees and shorts, socks, and mittens in place of the usual pennants.
  3. Add a cuddly stuffed monkey for an ‘authentic’ touch!

Stay tuned for more inspiring ideas for planning a jungle themed baby shower!

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