Creative Memory and Photo Boards to Congratulate Your Grad!

School memories are irreplaceable! So what better way to capture them for the graduate in your family than with a lovingly assembled graduation memory or photo board? From snapshots of unforgettable moments and special people, to awards, keepsakes, and trinkets that hold a precious meaning—these can all be presented on a board, mounted in a frame, suspended mobile-style, formed into a monogram, or attached to a unique display piece. See these ideas in actual use below and create your own memory or photo board to honor your graduate!

Creative Ways to Display Graduation Memories

Memory and Photo Board Ideas for High School Grads

For a small display, you could glue pics and mementos to a ready-made plaque (1) that could sit on the welcome table at the graduation party. For a rustic-themed celebration, a recycled wooden palette (2) would work great adorned with mini burlap bunting bearing the graduate’s name, while photos and keepsakes suspended from tasseled cords on a tree branch (3) would create a boho-chic look.

To welcome guests, consider assembling a photo wreath (4) to grace the entryway to the party venue. Then, as a striking backdrop to a scrapbook table, you could create large photo collages (5) tacked to wooden braces.

Other eye-catching ideas to try would be giant photo-covered cutouts of the graduation year (6) or the graduate’s monogram (7). While if you’re going with a theme that’s special to the graduate, take inspiration from this fashion-motif idea (8) with photos forming the skirt of a dressmaker’s form, or this football-themed memory display (9) complete with memorabilia and a miniature field (see below).

More Creative Memory and Photo Board Ideas!

Graduation memory board display tables and balloons.

For a full-sized accent piece, you could create “photo banners” on twine using an entire recycled door (10), or suspend pictures and mementos from balloons (11) to fill the entire room with a festive mood!

You know your graduate best. Which of these examples we’ve shared here sparked your imagination for a truly meaningful memory or photo board you can make for him or her?

Custom Graduation Invitations and Announcements

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