Oreo-inspired Birthday Cake Inspiration and Tips!

Oreos. Introduced by Nabisco more than 100 years ago, these chocolate sandwich cookies with a sweet crème filling have inspired a world of treats and cakes. Bakers love them because of their versatility as an ingredient for frosting, filling, and decorating cakes. This is why we are dedicating this post to all the birthday celebrants who absolutely love Oreos! Enjoy!

Oreo-inspired Birthday Cake Inspiration

From no-bake cheesecakes to layer cakes to ice cream cakes, here’s 5 fab ideas to inspire you to make something truly special!

Oreo-inspired Birthday Cake Inspiration Curated by Bellenza.

1 – A giant Oreo cake! This standout cake can be found on Spache the Spatula. It is made of layers of brownies, cookies n’ cream swiss meringue buttercream, and decorated with sprinkles and chocolate Oreos.

2 – A naked cake made with layers of chocolate sponge cake that are filled with Oreo frosting. The toppings consist of crushed Oreos with some on a stick. Find the recipe at Good to Know.

3 – A no-bake golden Oreos cake cheesecake that uses cake batter and golden Oreos, which is decorated with colorful rainbow sprinkles. Check out the recipe at Life, Love, and Sugar.

4 – A chocolate cake covered and filled with Oreo whipped cream frosting via Bakerita.

5 – A simple cupcake birthday cake using chocolate cupcakes, whipped cream with rainbow sprinkles, fruit roll-ups, and cookies as seen on Kraft.

Looking for an ice cream cake recipe? Check out the blog of Grace’s Sweet Life where you will find one using Oreo cookies and cream ice cream, homemade vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate ice cream, hot fudge sauce, fudge and cookie crunch, and whipped cream. Such an amazing treat!

Some Oreo-inspired cake decorating tips:

  1. Stack them on the sides of your cake to create a unique pattern. You can also use mini-sized ones. This idea would be perfect for a hockey-themed birthday cake!
  2. Personalize your cake by putting lettered icing on the cookies. Or buy ready-made sugar letters and place them on the crème side of the cookies (wherein the cookies are opened).
  3. Crumble the cookies and sprinkle them on the top of your cake. Add other goodies like crumbled chocolate bars, mini marshmallows, and wafer cookies. This would look awesome on a drip cake!
  4. Put a dollop of whipped cream on top of your cookies and add sugar sprinkles. Place carefully on top of your cake.
  5. Open up the cookies and add “eyes” using chocolate chips. Place them on the crème portion of each cookie.
  6. Create an instant birthday cake by simply stacking several of the cookies in a neat, tiered manner. Add flowing ribbons starting from the top of the cake. Place flower heads in some open spaces available on the cake.

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