Diwali Tablescape Inspiration with Rich Colors and Textures

With Diwali fast approaching, we’re putting the brakes on Halloween for a short while. And we’re bringing you a wonderful post featuring five doable Diwali-inspired tablescapes with the modern family in mind. Enjoy the rich colors and textures of these tablescapes and be inspired to create your own festive scene!

Celebrate Diwali with a Tablescape Ideal for a Modern Feast

Diwali-inspired tablescapes with the modern family in mind // curated finds by Bellenza

Style #1: Rustic with modern pieces

Table highlights: Floral centerpiece using a wooden disc, picture frames bearing Indian art forms, and brass candle holders for holding taper candles and tea lights. A tablescape that brings the brilliance of Rajasthan to life! Via the blog of Aalayam.

Style #2: Modern with pops of color

Table highlights: Colorful elements like Rangolis (an Indian art form of creating patterns), Moroccan tea glasses in fuchsia and teal, bangles that serve as tea light holders, including beaded table runners and colorful dinner plates. Via the blog of The East Coast Desi.

Style #3: Traditional Indian with modern touches

Table highlights: Traditional style Thalis from India, colorful centerpieces using tangerines and exotic flowers like pink proteas and birds of paradise. Via the blog of Komali Nunna.

Style #4: Contemporary in red and gold

Table highlights: Copper accessories for holding candles, artfully designed placemats, and pops of red throughout the table from the table napkins to the centerpiece. Via the blog of The Red Notebook.

Style #5: Mix of Indian fabrics with eclectic table accents

Table highlights: A rich mix of varied textiles, particularly a dupatta (a scarf or head covering) used as a runner; bamboo-stick placemats, colored votives and a teal glass lantern. Via the blog of Prismma.

How will you be celebrating Diwali? We’d love to hear your ideas! Share them with a chance to inspire others!

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