Plan a Fun Halloween Movie Night Party with the Kids!

If your little ones are too young to to go trick-or-treating or you’d rather have an at-home celebration with family and neighbors, we suggest a Halloween Movie Night with the kids! You can plan this as elaborately or as simply as you wish. Take your pick from the great party ideas we’ve gathered for this post—from ready-made to DIY decorations, plus healthy movie-watching snacks and the cutest “creepy critters” treats! And to help you choose family-friendly films to view, we’ve included a list of the most popular Halloween-themed movies with links to where to buy. Get ready for a movie night with a few shrieks and screams, but loads of family fun!

Halloween Movie Night Party: Decorations You Can Do

With Halloween being such a huge holiday, there are themed decorations, paper products and printables everywhere! We chose 6 that are sure to set the scene for your movie night quickly, easily and affordably.

Halloween Movie Night Decorations

1 – Halloween Horror Movie Night invite – The old-school graphics design of this invitation from Zazzle suits the occasion perfectly. Plus the details are fully customizable.

2 – Treat boxes in Halloween colorsHomespun With Love shows how black-and-orange-striped boxes (found in the dollar area at Target) were easily turned into treat holders with some ribbon and creepy candy stickers.

3 – Halloween movie night printable collection – You must check out this fabulous set of printables from Loralee Lewis designed for her son’s Halloween movie night birthday. They will make your party look awesome in an instant!

4 – Paper fans and honeycomb balls – Speaking of instant, these ready-to-assemble and display paper decorations via Amazon will set your black and orange party palette in no time.

5 – Chalkboard sign – Whether your movie night will be outdoors or indoors, this DIY-able sign by Giggles Galore, via Porch is a great accent piece or welcome display. You can make the film reels and director’s clapper out of cardboard and paint. Add your own Halloween accents like jack-o’-lanterns!

6 –  PVC Peel and Stick Spooky Bat Wall Stickers – For a final eerie (and super-easy) touch, position faux bats, like these ones from Amazon, on a wall or around the movie-watching area.

Halloween Movie Night Party: Healthy & Easy Snacks to Serve

With the sugar overload that comes with all that Halloween candy, we wanted to offer you healthier options to serve your family and guests as they enjoy the movie.

Healthy & Easy Snacks to Serve for Halloween Movie Night

1 – Pizza Popcorn – A break from the traditional buttered or caramel-coated variety, this popcorn version from Foxes Love Lemons is tossed in a pizza-flavored olive oil that includes sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and lots of Italian herbs.

2 – Caramel Apple Nachos – Parents will love this easier version of caramel apples from Lil’ Luna, using slices topped with caramel, white chocolate, mini chocolate chips and toffee bits!

3 – Smoky Tortilla Chips with Pumpkin Hummus – Hummus and chips! How can you go wrong with this super easy snack to prepare. See recipe at Temp-tations.

4 – Chocolate-dipped Almond Butter Banana Bites – A great make-ahead treat from A Healthy Slice of Life, with a layer of homemade almond butter sandwiched between frozen banana slices and dipped in melted chocolate.

5 – Skinny Green Popcorn – This interesting snack from The Londoner is actually soya beans sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese and sea salt, then oven-baked. The green color makes them Halloween-apt, too, don’t you think?

6 – Candied Grapes – Can’t get easier than this refreshing snack from Rachel Schultz! Just coat fresh grapes with fruit-flavored gelatin powder, chill and serve.

Halloween Movie Night Party: Fun Themed Treats & Favors

Isn’t it amazing how Halloween treats turn something scary into something yummy? We found 4 that you can can whip up with minimal effort and expense, and would make awesome take-home favors for the kids!

Halloween Movie Night! Fun Themed Treats & Favors

1 – Pretzel Spider Web – Made with pretzel rods caught in “webs” of white candy melts, this clever recipe from Skinny Mom has a prep time of just 10 minutes!

2 – Ghost Pops – Another cool creation using white candy melts and pretzels, this time from Eighteen25. The results are ghostly but good!

3 – Ooey Gooey Monster Eye Cookies – It’s the candy eyeballs that turn these prettily-colored cookies from Lil’ Luna just “monstrous” enough for movie night.

4 – Nutter Butter Bats – See how your fave peanut butter cookies are transformed into bat treats in this how-to from Sweet Simple Stuff, using melted chocolate,  M&Ms and candy confetti.

Halloween Movie Night: Family-friendly Films to Choose From

Finally, you must choose your movie to show! You may have nostalgic film favorites you’d like your children to watch, too. Or you could select from among the most popular Halloween-themed movies in recent years. See our picks below from Amazon!

  1. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  2. Beetlejuice
  3. Casper
  4. Frankenweenie
  5. Halloweentown
  6. Hocus Pocus
  7. Hotel Transylvania
  8. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  9. The Haunted Mansion
  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

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