DIY Halloween Costumes for Little Boys: On the Job!

Not every family may be into the whole ghoulish and gory aspect of Halloween. Much less want their children dressed as monsters, zombies, or ghosts. So we wanted to do a little roundup of ‘on the job’ types of costumes that your little man can wear to go trick-or-treating in. And by ‘job’ we mean from medieval to modern. “The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker…:” Okay, maybe not quite those characters! But look below and you’ll get the picture!

What fascinated us about these finds is how they’re all such super-resourceful creations! They’re either ingeniously crafted using household and hardware materials, or assembled from clothes and accessories that most of us already have right at home. Gotta love that!

Cool and Crafty Costume Ideas!

Halloween Costumes DIY for Little Boys such as Pirate, Detective, Thomas, Minecraft Steve, and Fireman Truck.

To give you a peek into the options available, we’ve listed the elements needed to make each costume yourself. Then, we’ve provided the source link for the step-by-step procedure and helpful tips.

Costume checklist for:

  1. Pirate Jake’ – You’ll need: a white t-shirt, blue jeans, blue and gold felt for the vest, brown trim for the criss-cross on the t-shirt, red fabric for the headband, brown boot covers, toy sword (Believe or not, very minimal sewing was involved; the vest is held together with hot glue!) Tutorial by Mind Over Messy 
  2. Detective, a la Sherlock Holmes – You’ll need: 2 white baseball caps, black spray paint, a canning lid, a foam paint brush, a piece of checkered fabric, black ribbon (These items came in a kit in this post we found, but you can buy them at any crafts store or look through your home stash.) Tutorial by Toddler Approved
  3. Thomas, the Train – You’ll need: cardboard boxes; blue, red, black, and white paint; construction paper for the train details; round lidded paper mache boxes to make Thomas’ 3D face and the  wheels; scrap paper and white glue. (A pretty challenging project! But you can improvise and simplify as needed.) Tutorial by Little Red Window
  4. Fireman/Truck – You’ll need: a cardboard box to fit your child, red paint, black paint, white construction paper for windows, yellow construction paper for headlights, paper plates for wheels, black ribbon for a hanging strap; oh, and a cool fireman’s hat to complete the look! Tutorial by Plain Vanilla Mom 
  5. Mad Scientist – (we’re winging this one because the original post is untraceable) You’ll need: clear swimming goggles, a checkered bowtie, a tailored white shirt from Dad, hair gel for that ‘Einstein-like do.’ Attributed to Crissy’s Crafts, found via Li’l Sugar
  6. Minecraft Steve’ – You’ll need: cardboard sheets, Photoshop or similar photo editing software, sheetrock screws, liquid nails, masking tape and scotch tape, spray adhesive, Velcro, Gorilla Glue, scrap foam packaging, Exacto knife with spare blades, color printer (This costume takes more advanced crafting talent, but the result is worth it!) Tutorial by Instructables
  7. Knight in Shining Armor – You’ll need: aluminum dryer vent duct, 2 car windshield silver sun shades, grey sweatshirt and pants, foamie glitter sheet (with a sticky backing), feather plume, 2 brass fasteners, 6-inch strip Velcro, scissors, needle and thread (Again, this one takes a little more crafting/sewing skill plus materials from a hardware or home repair depot, but isn’t it ingenious?!) Tutorial by Savings Lifestyle 

Note: These same materials can be made into a robot costume, too!

Can’t get over how creative and resourceful these (mostly) mom-crafters were. Great inspiration, don’t you agree, as you outfit your own little man for Halloween!


  1. Thanks for sharing my Jake and The Neverland Pirates costume on your site. That costume has been one of my favorites because it was so easy. I’m checking out your site and DIY projects while I’m here:)

    Nicole @mindovermessy

    • It’s we who should thank YOU, Nicole, for such a resourceful and doable costume! Great for busy moms who need to put together a Halloween look for their kids quickly. Hope you enjoyed browsing our site! 🙂

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