“Boo!” on a Budget: Easy, Fun, Affordable Halloween Favors

The countdown to Halloween is definitely in full swing! And so with this third post in our Halloween Crafts and Desserts Fest, we’re featuring 7 simple, super-fun, and budget-friendly party favor ideas from our pinning and blogging friends! Each one is a time saver and/or a cost saver (critical in the pre-holiday season crunch), and all are certified “creepily cute’!

7 Halloween Favors and Treats You Can DIY

Spooky Halloween Treats and Favors ona Budget | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza

1 – Free printable Halloween cupcake wrappers, from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. A great way to get simple home-baked or store-bought cupcakes party ready in a snap!

2 – Ghosts in a jar, by Landeelu via Eighteen25. Guests will get a thrill (or a chill!) out of these clever tabletop decorations they can take home. Check out the tutorial to make some yourself.

3 – Oreo cookie butter popcorn, by Gina of Kleinworth & Co. via Reasons to Skip the Housework. Talk about favorite-goodies overload! How can you go wrong with everyone’s well-loved treats all in one?

4 – Black cat Oreos, from Party Pinching. The ever-versatile Oreo is back! Look closely and see how simple candies transform these cookies into cutie-cats you can give as favors.

5 – Ghost cupcake cones, by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. In case you’re wondering (as we were), cupcake cones are cake batter baked in ice cream cones then frosted to resemble a soft-serve swirl. Just add eyes and a mouth, and you have these ghostly guys!

6 – Witch’s shoes, by Red Couch Recipes . Who’d have thought cardstock, buttons, and bows could make such wonderfully witchy treat holders for Halloween!

7 – Candy corn dipped marshmallow pops, by Food Family & Finds. Gotta love how simple these are! Just dip large campfire marshmallows in orange and then yellow candy melts, and you have giant candy corn on sticks!

So which of these favor ideas has you under its spell? They’re all so easy and affordable, you may end up making a couple…or more!

DON’T FORGET! You have one last chance on Tuesday, October 6th to be featured in the final post of our Halloween Crafts and Desserts Fest. We’re waiting for your inspiring pins to our boards: Your Halloween Creations and Pretty Party Printables, so we can showcase your projects and treats!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my popcorn – what a great group of ideas!!

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