Halloween Decorations From the Front Porch to Your Table

The great thing about a holiday-themed party is you can dress up your whole house for the occasion! And Halloween is the ‘dress up’ holiday, right? So we thought we’d take you on a fun home tour of ideas for starting the party from your porch all the way to your party table. Thanks to the fabulous images we’re sharing here, you can turn your home spooky in style!

The Party Starts Here!

Halloween Decorations from the Front Porch to the Party Table

Yes, that’s right. From the entryway all the way inside, you can get your guests excited for the Halloween enjoyment that awaits them!

Set a ‘welcoming committee’ of colorful painted pumpkins on your porch (1), along with a gauzy hanging ghost. Note the ivy vines creeping up the posts, that you could make from a recycled holiday garland spray-painted black. Nice touch!

As guests walk in the door, have a witchy watermelon (2) greet them from a welcome display in your foyer. Love her glammed-up accessories: a pointy hat with a feathered brim, a cape with glittery cobwebs, and a matching glittery broomstick. Oh, and a cauldron brimming with welcome sweets! (Hint: This could also serve as your alternative guest book.)

Next, usher guests along to the party venue with the cutest ghostly gang of honeycomb bells covered with cheese cloth (3) gathered on the floor! You could also make these from styrofoam balls covered in layers of tulle or gauze, then maybe add a container of dry ice alongside for an eerie mist effect.

Once inside the party place proper, here is where you can go all out with the Halloween decor! We find that having ‘stations’ dedicated for specific purposes is a great way to keep things organized—and show off your styling skills.

For instance, see how elegant this buffet table (4) is with the crystal candelabra and the glistening metallic touches. Then, your dessert table (5) could go a bit more playful with a giant (boy, this one is big!) spider, a raven or some crows perched here and there, a huge vase of black flowers, and pumpkins big and small. While your beverage bar (6) could start some nervous chuckles with creepily-named Halloween cocktails. The label cards themselves could be a great decorative accent, too.

So, do we get an invite to come over to your house for the party? We’d love to see how you’ll dress it all up for your grownup Halloween bash!

Image credits:

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2 – Welcome display – Created by Diane
3 – Floor decor – Country Living.com
4 – Buffet table – by Home Sense, via At Home with Kim Vallee
5 – Dessert table – Good Housekeeping.com
6 – Drinks table with cocktail labels – Bottles Fine Wine

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