Creative Winter Themed Table Centerpieces: Inspiring Ideas!

There can be so many looks to your tables at a winter celebration. And the centerpieces will be the focal point of whatever look you chose. Will it be a snowy scene all a-glitter with crystals? A romantic shabby chic or period setting? Or even a modern, organic display? To help you make the perfect choice, we have 7 creative centerpiece ideas from our own sets to showcase the distinct winter ambiance you have in mind!

An Elegant Crystal Wonderland Theme

Winter romance centerpiece

We all love a snowy winter scene with sparkling snowflakes and icicles, don’t we? Well, you can capture that magic and give it an elegant spin with a centerpiece using elements like these:

  • a white and silver palette set against a black and white damask table cloth
  • all-white decorative pieces like vintage-style lanterns, pillar candles, ceramic doves or love birds, soft fluffy feathers
  • bunches of glass or silver-colored “berries” in metallic vases
  • clear glass candle holders, mirrored stands, crystal bowls and the like


The Romance of Shabby Chic

Shabby chic vintage winter centerpiece

A winter motif doesn’t have to be all about snow. You can opt for a softly feminine centerpiece treatment brought to life through these shabby chic decorative touches:

  • a color scheme of ivory and powder pink to set the sweet mood
  • an entire frieze of glowing lace-wrapped luminaries in varying sizes
  • a romantic “runner” of braided pink ribbon garlands and loose rose petals
  • table elements that complement the centerpiece’s look, such as napkins arranged in a feathery fan shape, sheer organza place mats, and clear glass plates
  • dainty rose-inspired favor bags on each place setting
  • optional: candle plates with pearls and mirrors

A Stylish Snowflake-themed Setting

Traditional winter table centerpiece

A variation on the crystal table setting above, this centerpiece uses classic elements in a new way to recreate a stylish snowy scene:

  • again, a pairing of white and silver for the basic palette
  • a contrast of modern metallic cube vases with elegant cut-glass candleholders
  • varied glass containers, from slender towering vases to simple votive holders
  • softening touches of white flowers and bowls of faux snow
  • glowing pillar candles and taper candles trimmed with strands of silver beads
  • snowflake menu cards and silver place card frames (partially visible at each place setting) enhancing the overall look

Modern Meets Organic, With an Asian Flair

Asian winter centerpiece

Now, this is a completely different, non-wintry take! It presents a more modern, trendy centerpiece with an Asian inspiration:

  • a nod to traditional holiday colors with a palette of green, red, and gold
  • organic elements (fresh or faux) such as orchids, lotus blossoms, red berries, and moss-covered stones
  • matte gold Christmas balls and gold-painted fiber needles
  • a large black-glazed platter as a base, set on a mat of bamboo sticks

A Marie Antoinette-inspired Soiree

Vintage winter centerpiece

Here, your winter centerpiece can take on a period French look inspired by the flamboyant Marie Antoinette. Not surprisingly, the elements are opulent and over-the-top:

  • the Queen’s signature palette of pink, white, and powder blue
  • frilly, ruffled lace fans arranged in a row down the center of the tablescape
  • strands of pearls and lace flower cutouts surrounding the fans
  • place settings supporting the centerpiece’s look with floral-patterned china and gold chargers lined with pink ruffles
  • favors in fluffy pink wraps with ornate gold favor tags perched in dainty tea cups

Tiered Favor-Display Centerpiece

Fairy tale Cinderella centerpiece

A dreamy, fairy tale party theme deserves a luxurious centerpiece! Create this striking tiered favor centerpiece with the following decor elements:

  • silky satin white tablecloth
  • Bellenza’s porcelain Cinderella-inspired shoes in gift boxes
  • swirling ribbons in navy blue, pink, and white
  • crystal bunches and a scattering of clear beads and sequins
  • tea light candles in votive holders
  • white Jordan almonds
  • strings of fairy lights


Clearly, your wintertime celebration can take on so many looks. And once you’ve made a choice, your table centerpieces should showcase that look beautifully!

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