How to Plan a Pumpkin Painting Birthday Party: From Decor to Treats, Art Activities & Supplies!

Are you celebrating a toddler’s to tween’s birthday this fall? And you’ve already done a Halloween-themed birthday party in the past? Then, throw him or her the fun-nest Pumpkin Painting Birthday Party! The decor possibilities are amazing, and so doable with materials and decorations available this time of year. Plus there are scrumptious choices for food and goodies, not to mention arts and crafts activities that are all about pumpkins, of course!

So, get those gourds and painting supplies ready. The inspiration and product picks we’ve gathered will have you all excited to get this Pumpkin Painting Birthday Party started! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Party Ideas for a Pumpkin Painting Theme

So many incredible kiddie parties out there with a pumpkin painting theme—or at least focused on pumpkin decorations and treats. So we had to share some here to help you plan your own little one’s birthday bash!

Pumpkin painting birthday decor, food table, sweets and cake

1 – Pumpkin Painting Halloween Birthday Party Invitations (20 Fill-in Cards) – available from Amazon

2 – Pumpkin Patch welcome display – Such a cheery way to say hello as guests arrive at your party, thanks to Sunny Day Family!

3 – Pumpkin Painting activity table – Just one of the wonderful party ideas we found over at The Adventure Starts Here. Do check out the full post.

4 – Rainbow themed bundt cake – Don’t go overboard with pumpkins! Try a bundt cake with rainbow colors that still manages to stay within the painting theme of your party. See McCormick for recipe.

5 – Pumpkin-themed buffet table of food and snacks – Love this inviting display from Bower Power that works in the party theme with a jack-o-lantern banner, a pumpkin bucket for flowers, an orange tub for cold drinks, and muffins in pumpkin liners, too!

6 – Halloween pumpkin cupcakes – Matching the cake’s bright colors are these adorable pumpkin-topped cupcakes from Lindsay Ann Bakes.

7 – Rice Krispies pops – In keeping with the painting activity, how cute are these colorful paintbrush pops made from Rice Krispies, found over at Crafts by Courtney?

Activity Ideas: Variations on the Pumpkin Painting Theme

The kiddie guests will probably be a mix of ages. So we suggest you plan a variety of pumpkin decorating activities for different skill levels, so everyone can join in the fun.

Here are 3 easy projects we found that aren’t quite “painting,” but allow the kids to create their own pumpkin art!

1 – No Paint No Carve Pumpkin Decorating for Kids – Look, Mom, no mess! See the how-to at Mericherry for coming up with these patchwork pumpkins using FUNCHALK markers.

2 – Mess-free Pumpkin Decorating – Another kid-friendly (and parent-friendly!) project that uses foam-sheet cutouts with adhesive backing, glitter, and foam fall-themed stickers. Thank you, Modern Parents Messy Kids!

3 – Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Painting – Here, the “painting” is done by sticking pumpkin seeds onto an outline drawn on board. A clever alternative from All Kids Network that tiny hands can manage.

Party Loot Bag with Pumpkin-themed Fillings

Hooray that all the stores are stocked for the season with all kinds of fall-inspired gift items, novelties, and goodies! See which ones we picked for you to prepare a loot bag for each kiddie guest. (*this section contains affiliate links from Amazon)

Pumpkin painting birthday loot bag fillers

1 – Large Plastic Smiling Pumpkin Halloween Goodie Bag

2 – Crayola Oval Pans Watercolor Set with Brush

3 – Brach’s Candy Corn Treat Packs (70 Count)

4 – Assorted Spider Pumpkin Slap Bracelets (12 pcs)

5 – Make Your Own Halloween Sticker Set – (Package of 12 Sticker Sheets)

6 – Boo Buddies Pencil with Giant Eraser Assortment (Set of 36)

Art / Painting / Fall Decorating Party

You can turn this theme into an Art/Painting Party, too. Or a Fall Decorating Party, celebrating the fun colors and textures of the season. Here are the basic supplies kids can use to create their masterpieces! (*this section contains affiliate links)

Fall pumpkin painting supplies for kids birthdays

Art / Crafting Supplies via Amazon:

1 – 12 Pack 6 Color Children’s Painting Aprons

4 – Colossal Brush, Natural Bristle, Flat (Set of 30)

5 – Glitter Shake Jars, Extra Fine Powder, 24 Multi Color Assorted Set

6 – Arteza Kids Premium Tempera Paint Set, (24 colors x 2 oz each)

Supplies from Consumer Crafts:

2 – Small Googly Eyes: 5mm, Black, Paste On Craft Eyes

3 – Rhinestones-Round-Assorted-5mm (180 pcs. Per pack)

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