How to Decorate a Vintage Birthday Tea Party: Pearls, Lace, and Roses

Such a classic theme as a Vintage Birthday Tea Party calls for equally romantic decorations. And few things are as romantic as fragrant, fresh roses, delicate lace, and lustrous pearls! So, we searched through our posts for some lovely inspiration using these elements—as part of the centerpieces, the place settings, the candlescapes, the cakes and sweets, and of course the favors. Now, you can certainly plan a gorgeous birthday tea party where “everything’s coming up roses”…and pearls! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Party Decor Inspiration Using Pearls, Lace, and Roses


Send the romance out into the air with vintage-style tea party invitations adorned with roses and pearls (1). Then, echo this in the actual party venue with stunning accents, like pearl-draped antique candelabra (6) or on chandeliers overhead.

For centerpieces, capture the allure of roses even without full (and pricey!) floral arrangements—by scattering loose rose petals along the center of the table (2) amidst glowing lace-wrapped candle holders. With such a theme, it would only be fitting to have a special celebrant’s chair embellished with strands of pearls and ribbons (3). See the DIY for this pearl-decorated chair.

For extra lovely lighting, set out romantic candles embossed with a rose design (7) and nestled them on candle accessories with pearls and mirrors (8).

Serve guests proper English tea in a floral-design china tea service (9), and dress up even the tea bags with dainty bows with pearls.

Finally, surprise the birthday celebrant with a lovely pink ombre rose cake (7), while thanking the guests with matching sachets bearing miniature fabric roses (8) filled with party favors—from classic edibles like mints, tea cookies, or bon bons, to fragrant gifts like rose-scented bath soaps or rose-petal potpourri.


1 – Rose Pearl Bridal Tea Party Invitation from Zazzle / 4 – Food Network

Via Bellenza: 2 – tablescape  / 3 – chair / 5 – Vintage Sachet Favor Bag / 6 – candelabra / 7 – candles with miniature textured roses / 8 – candle plates with mirrors and pearls / 9 – tea service

Tea Party Table Centerpieces

From our post archives, we re-discovered these gems of inspiration for centerpieces. Take ideas for making floral arrangements in vintage vases and other quaint containers. Just change the blooms to roses!

Vintage centerpieces // curated by Bellenza.

For a more casual tea party setting, you can opt to create charming flower centerpieces in a variety of recycled jars, tins, bottles, and boxes. Again, just substitute roses to match your theme.

A Variety of jars, vases, and recycled containers for centerpieces // curated by Bellenza.

Tea Party Chinaware

In a tea party, the type of tea service you use takes center stage. So, will it be a classic blue and white fine china set for that elegant Old World air?

Delft blue tea pot and tea cup display on tray // Bellenza.

Or perhaps a more dainty, country cottage-inspired look—with a floral-patterned tea set, cake and pastry stands in pastel colors, and delicate dessert plates.

Vintage plates for a tea party / curated by Bellenza.

A Garden-themed Tea Party Menu

What would a tea party be without dainty pastries, finger sandwiches, and light, fresh salads? But in keeping with the garden motif, do give them a rose- or floral-inspired treatment.

What to serve at a tea party // / curated by Bellenza.

For the sweetest tea party desserts, again give them floral-inspired designs and color choices to go with the garden theme.

Tea party treats and decor for a baby shower // curated by Bellenza.

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