How to Plan a Fun Halloween Party for Dog Lovers

A Party Planning Guide for a Dog Lovers’ Halloween Party: Bow-WOW!

Why should kids have all the fun on Halloween? Host a doggone delightful Halloween party for your own pooch and his or her furry friends—and their humans, too, of course! Amazingly, there is quite an array of party products out there that combine a Halloween theme with dog-related elements. So you can source a lot of the doggie party stuff you’ll need right online and ready to use—like the invitations, costumes, treats, party bags and fillings we found. Or you can DIY some really cute and clever ones yourself, thanks to tutorials.

Here’s to a howlingly “Happy Halloween” for hounds and humans alike! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Dog-themed Halloween Party Invitations

Quite a variety of invites combine doggie designs with a Halloween theme. Take a look at these great finds over at Zazzle!


  1. Funny Chico Chihuahua Halloween Invitation
  2. Scottie Dog Halloween Invitation (Howl-o-ween)
  3. A Halloween Party Invite (Pug) (fill-in, flat card)
  4. Pit Bull Witch Invitation
  5. Halloween Party Invite
  6. Halloween Ghost Dog Kid Goes Trick or Treating Invitation

Halloween Costumes for Dogs: Buy and DIY

From adorable to ingenious, from kitschy to creepy—doggie costumes are must-haves for this Halloween event. Check out our picks for ones to buy and to DIY.


Ready-made canine costumes are everywhere during this season, with practically every character, motif, or creative idea represented! How about a dinosaur-doggie (2)? Or Wonder Woman—woof, woof! (1)? Or a glitzy unicorn (4)? Or a majestic lion (3), thanks to an amazingly realistic mane? A UPS dog costume (6) would only be fitting this Halloween, too!

Or if you’re a big Star Wars fan, go for a no-sew Ewok costume (5) that just takes minutes to make!


  1. Big Dogs Wonder Woman Dog Costume – from Amazon
  2. Thrills & Chills™ Halloween Dinosaur Pet Costume – from Petsmart
  3. Dog Lion Mane for Medium to Large Sized Dogs – from Amazon
  4. Pet Krewe Unicorn Dog Costume – from Amazon
  5. Ewok No-Sew Dog Costume – from Tikkido
  6. UPS Dog Costume – from Amazon

Goodies and Treats to Serve at the Party

Of course, you will serve party fare to your dog-lover guests. But your furry friends will love these special treats you can buy or make just for them!


  1. Easy Pumpkin Halloween Dog Treats – recipe from Dalmatian DIY
  2. “Candy Corn” Halloween Pet Treats – found on Marina Bay Animal Hospital
  3. Peanut Butter Apples Dog Treats – recipe from Gone to the Snowdogs
  4. DIY Halloween Dog Treats – recipe and printable bag toppers from Canvas Corp. Brands
  5. Howlin’ Halloween Treat Bags for Dogs (with free printable) – from JaMonkey
  6. Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats – a gluten-free recipe from Vintage Kitty
  7. Last-minute Halloween Treat with Printable – from Pretty Fluffy

People + Pooch Halloween Party Games

What’s a celebration without some fun activities for all to join, right? So here are ideas for Halloween-themed games for humans and dogs to play together!

  • “Go Fetch” – Items like pumpkin-shaped balls, plastic bones, or cloth “ghost” dolls are tossed by the humans for their pets to (hopefully!) bring back. The shortest return time wins.
  • “Obstacle Course” – Owner-and-dog pairs navigate through a prepared series of Halloween-themed obstacles (witch hat cones, lighted jack-o-lanterns, wooden black cats, piles of “bones,” etc.). The pair with the shortest completion time wins.
  • “Doggie Trick or Treat” – Humans have their pets perform tricks they know; with all dogs getting a “treat” for every trick done. Then, the audience awards a grand prize to the pair with the “Best Trick.”

Halloween Party “Doggie (Loot) Bags”

Come time to go, give out favor bags filled with Halloween treats and gift items that will delight both your human and canine guests. Here’s a sampling of what you can assemble.


  1. Halloween Metallic Treat Bags – from Dollar Tree
  2. Halloween Squeakie Buddies Plush Dog Toys (3-Pack) – from Amazon
  3. Halloween Dog Trick or Treat Bag – from Amazon
  4. 8 Patterns Halloween Designer Dog Collars – from Amazon
  5. Halloween Dog Bandana – from Amazon
  6. Crunchkins Crunch Edible Card, Trick or Treat – from Amazon


Now, that’s one Halloween happening your dog-loving guests and their pets are sure to be bow-WOWed by!

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