Easy Holiday Gift Ideas: Home-made and Hand-crafted

There will be tons of holiday presents given and received this Christmas. But none are more heartwarming than those you’ve made or packaged yourself. Send along that extra bit of thoughtfulness and care with home-made, hand-crafted gift ideas like these easy ones. Whip up some creative packaging, add personalized touches, and you’re ready to spread some cheer!

Scrumptious Christmas Cookies!

Christmas Cookies in Holiday Treat Bags

What would the holidays be without something baked up from the kitchen! Think of all-time favorites like Russian tea cookies, chocolate crinkles, and ginger bread cookies. Package them in pretty holiday treat bags and they’re ready to go!

Think Munchies!

Holiday gift boxes with peanut brittle and other munchies

Munchies are always welcome—especially something to enjoy while watching a holiday movie marathon! So why not put together a yummy batch of peanut brittle, popcorn mixes, and peppermint bark. Just the thing for the yuletide season! For packaging, go here.

Give Bottled Goodness

Bottles of honey, oil, and salad dressing as holiday gifts.

Find a special cooking or baking ingredient that you can buy in bulk—our example shown here is honey. But you can also give olive oil, salad dressings, bbq sauce, or maple syrup. Simply repack in sterilized bottles, and trim with hand-lettered labels and gift tags.

Something Sweet and Petite!

Sweets in handmade rolls for kids

Think budget-friendly and easy to find! How about nuts, foil-wrapped chocolates, and other sweet treats that you can easily buy. Wrap these up in something creative, like cardboard gift rolls encased in organza!

Your Favorite Tunes!

Music CDs as holiday gifts

Make personalized CDs of your favorite songs and bundle them up in colorful fabric wraps trimmed with holiday ornaments. If you’ll be giving them out at a party, you could even display them on a festive Christmas wreath!

Here are more ideas that are sure to satisfy your shopping list:

  1. For neighbors, work colleagues, teachers – Vintage tins filled with an assortment of tea bags or packs of hot cocoa
  2. For the avid baker – Mini mason jars holding favorite holiday spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice
  3. For a gracious hostess – Decorative mini wreaths (fresh or faux) to use as bases for pillar candles
  4. For a family with young kids – Celllo-wrapped peppermint bonbons made into a door wreath, with scissors attached to snip off a treat
  5. For anyone! – A winter basket filled with essentials like hot cocoa mixes, shortbread cookies, and marshmallows

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