Homemade Christmas Centerpieces that are Simple!

A centerpiece can create instant impact for your holiday decor at surprisingly little cost and effort. Here are 4 easily DIYable Christmas centerpieces that you can assemble from ornaments, trimmings, and other materials you have right at home. The result? A festive focal point for your table or mantel that (thanks to the re-purposed materials) has a ‘retro holiday’ look that is perfectly homemade!

Floating Centerpieces with Candles and Colored Water

Red floating centerpieces for the holidays by Bellenza

See how you can turn a deep glass dish into a decorative piece! We filled it with water tinted with red food coloring, then floated red flower-shaped candles on top. It did cross our minds, though, that someone might mistake it for punch and take a sip!

Decorating tip: you can vary the color of the water based on the color scheme of your table!

Aluminum Wrapped Balls

Aluminum balls as easy Christmas centerpieces by Bellenza

Do you happen to have extra styrofoam balls on hand? Or perhaps even your children’s toy balls in assorted sizes, or round fruits like oranges, grapefruit, or peaches? Turn them into metallic ornaments by wrapping them up in aluminum foil, then display them in a ceramic bowl, basket, or tray.

Decorating tip: you can use colored gift wrapping tissue instead of aluminum!

Assorted Baubles & Bows

Assorted Baubles and Bows as Christmas Centerpieces by Bellenza

Talk about easy! Gather an assortment of Christmas ornaments in different sizes, shapes, and materials—preferably in a single color for a unified look. Then arrange them in a clear glass bowl or any large container to suit your holiday decor theme.

Decorating tip: you can try sleek tall cylinder vases to hold Christmas baubles for a pretty presentation!

Centerpiece Favors in Peppermint Red and White

Peppermint candy crackers as holiday centerpieces by Bellenza

Keeping ‘in color’ with your Christmas decor is key. For instance, for this red-and-white holiday theme, we created a peppermint candy look for our party-favor packaging. Then, we created a centerpiece out of the favor display using a clear glass bowl—with DIY beaded votive holders on pearl-mirror coasters.

Decorating tip: you can present party crackers that make fun and festive centerpiece favors!

Hint: As you can see from our examples, clear glass bowls are both entertaining and decorating must-haves for any home! Definitely easy and so so doable!


  1. I am not sure which I like better- the peppermint or the aluminum wrapped balls. All are great centerpieces and show simple is best! Thanks for sharing at the Christmas in July party!

    • Hello Millie! We totally agree that simple is best. Thrilled that you like our “mid-year” Christmas ideas!

  2. Some great ideas here! Thank you for sharing with us at Christmas In July!!

    • Hi Laurie! So much fun linking up Christmas ideas in mid-year. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love all of these ideas, especially the baubles and bows decor. Pinning. Thanks for sharing at Christmas in July.

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