See and Do: An Easy Mardi Gras DIY Mask Centerpiece with 3 Easy Elements

We all know the iconic elements that just scream “Mardi Gras,” right? Well, with just any three of these, you can create a striking centerpiece for your Fat Tuesday party tables! This uses the semi-DIY approach—in other words, the elements are ready-made, and all you really “do yourself” is assemble! It’s that easy. See the trio of accents we use in this sample centerpiece. Then, feel free to choose your own!

Mask + Feathers + Beads = An Easy Mardi Gras Mask DIY Centerpiece

Materials – For our centerpiece, we prepared the following (*affiliate Amazon links):

– Cylinder vases (1 tall, 2-3 small)
– A masquerade mask on a stick
– Colored ostrich feathers (or any large feathers)
– Curly ribbons
Colored beads
– Candles (1 pillar candle, 3 votives)
– Scissors and glue

All of these are available in craft and online stores—and in Mardi Gras colors as the annual celebration nears. But you may also choose to DIY the mask (see our upcoming tutorial post on this), and even choose different Mardi Gras elements altogether.

Easy Assembly – All you will really do is stand the mask and feathers in the tall cylinder vase. We do have a few tips and hints, though, to give the arrangement that special festival flair.

Black Mardi Gras mask with teal feathers.

1. Use the curly ribbons liberally wherever they will add some pop and pizzazz—dangling down inside the tall cylinder, in a bunch attached to the mask or tucked within the feathers, then filling the smaller cylinders.

Curling ribbons hanging down from vase.

2. Glue lengths of ribbon and colored beads onto the pillar candle to create a decorative border. Then, use extra strands of colored beads to fill the small cylinders and spill over the rims.

Teal colored Mardi Gras feathers.

3. Use acrylic risers to create varied heights for the centerpiece elements. Or you can turn small cylinders or square glass vases upside down to serve as improvised pedestals.

Pillar candle on stand for Mardi Gras centerpiece.

4. For an improvised candlestick, overturn a large wine glass or goblet. And carefully balance the pillar candle on its base.

5. Position the candle and votives around the base of the centerpiece. Then, light these just before your party guests arrive!

Can’t get much easier than that for a decorative focal point at your Mardi Gras celebration. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links. You can find our disclosure statement here.


  1. That was such a pretty centerpiece. I think that the Mardi Gras colors are so festive and create a fun atmosphere. In fact the whole table looks great with the glass.

    • Thanks, Mary! So glad you liked it!

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