Mardi Gras Loot Bag Ideas for Adults that are Fun!

Wondering what to give as loot bags for your Mardi Gras party? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these 11 colorful and festive party finds that are just in tune with the vibrant nature of celebrating Fat Tuesday. Take a look and what we found (through our Amazon and Zazzle affiliate links) and check this item off your Mardi Gras party planning checklist:

What to Use for a Mardi Gras Loot Bag

From small grab bags to medium-sized gift bags, we’ve selected 4 different sizes to make it easy to decide on what to use. Note that before you decide on what bag to use, be sure to select the fillings first!

Mardi Gras Loot Bag Ideas for Adults from Koozies to Candy

Available via Amazon (*affiliate links):

1 – Small Mardi Gras Gift Bags
2 – Mardi Gras Goody Bags in Black
3 – Medium Mardi Gras Gift Bags (1 Dozen)
4 – Mardi Gras Mask Paper Bags

Favor Fillings to Put Inside the Loot Bags

Remember that you don’t need to fill the bag with all of the suggested items below. Just adding 3-4 favor fillings is all you need to make something special for guests to take home.

Available via Amazon (*affiliate links):

5 – Mardi Gras Feather Masks (1 Dozen)
6 – Mardi Gras Party Set (Consisting of Sequin Mask, Fedora Hat, Masks, Glitz ‘N Gleam Bow Tie, Beads, and Necklaces)
8 – Mardi Gras Party Favor Miniature Boxes (24 pcs. Measures 2″ x 2″ x 2″)
9 – Mardi Gras Hurricane Plastic Cups (1 Dozen)
10 – Hersheys Kisses Dark Chocolate Purple Wrapping (2 Pounds, Approximately 200)

Available via Zazzle (*affiliate links):

7 – Peace Love Gumbo Keychain
11 – Mardi Gras Camouflage Mask Can Coolers

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