St. Patrick’s Day Girls Night In: Food + Drinks Ideas

“When Irish eyes are smiling” it must be because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! Gather your gal pals for a fun Girls Night In, to enjoy food and drinks inspired by the Emerald Isles! And to make it easy on all of you, we’ve rounded up delicious recipes that you can either whip up in minutes or make ahead—or even divvy up among the guests to bring as potluck. Survey our suggestions and you may just end up choosing them all!

Irish-inspired Appetizers & Sweets

You ladies will love these appetizers, finger foods and desserts that are such creative fusions of Irish and different cuisines. Their touches of green ingredients make them perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day gathering!

St. Patrick's Day Girls Night in Food and Dessert Ideas // curated by Bellenza.

1 – Ricotta Spinach Cups – The wonton-wrapper cups give these bites an Asian look, but the spinach in the ricotta filling provide the Irish green! See the recipe from Eating Well Living Thin.

2 – Irish Nacho Dip – Nachos may be Mexican, but it’s the stout beer in this cheesy dip that make it Irish! A super-easy recipe from HGTV.

3 – Shrimp and Cucumber Rounds – Light, cool, refreshing and the requisite “green” thanks to the cucumber slices. Follow the simple recipe courtesy of Taste of Home.

4 – Grilled Zucchini Rolls with Bacon and Cheese – Just 3 ingredients, rolled and held together with toothpicks then grilled to blend the flavors. A tempting party appetizer from Half Hour Meals.

5 – Classic Reuben Dip – The ingredients of a classic Reuben sandwich (corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese) are transformed into a flavorful creamy dip, via this recipe from Community Table. Serve with rye bread or crackers.

6 – Guinness Chocolate Cake with Cream Frosting – Three rich layers of Guinness-infused chocolate cake, topped with Bailey’s cream frosting! A doubly delicious dessert from A Beautiful Bite, via Everybody Loves Cocktails.

7 – Bailey’s Chocolate Cookies – So pretty but packing a (Bailey’s) punch, these treats from Life Love and Sugar are half-dipped in white chocolate and topped with shamrock sprinkles.

Irish-inspired Party Drinks: Cocktails to Coffee

What would a St. Patrick’s Day party be without some boozy beverages, right? See our fun drinks finds for your girls night in, all tinted or trimmed with green!

St. Patrick’s Day Girls Night In Cocktails and Coffee // curated by Bellenza

1 – Minty Lime Refresher – The tartness of lime and the coolness of creme de menthe and mint combine in this appealing drink from BHG.

2 – Creamy Irish Coffee – For a warm beverage, you can’t go wrong with the famed Irish coffee. Follow this recipe from Eat Well 101, which includes that cocoa powder shamrock on top!

3 – Irish Beer or Ginger Sodas with printable labels – Prepare a selection of bottled Irish beverages and sodas. Then, add fun labels to celebrate the occasion, via Lia Griffith.

4 – St. Patrick’s Day Mojito Sherbet Punch – A cross-cultural concoction that’s sure to be a hit among the ladies. See the recipe and chic serving ideas from Pizzazzerie.

5 – Matcha Green Tea Gimlet – With the current matcha craze, why not include a green tea cocktail like this one we found via HGTV?

6 – Midori Sour – Sprite adds fizz and a lemon-lime flavor to the Midori liqueur in this refreshing cocktail from Mom On Timeout.

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