Host a Cherry Blossom Sweet 16 Party in Your Backyard!

With Ohanami season right around the corner (from mid-March to April), a cherry blossom party is the perfect excuse to throw a spring backyard sakura themed sweet 16! These 7 inspirational ideas featuring décor, food, desserts, and drinks aim to help you re-create the look of a festive Hanami celebration that will leave your guests feeling like they’ve just hopped on a plane to Japan.

Re-create the Look of a Backyard Cherry Blossom Themed Party

How to host a cherry blossom sweet 16 party in your backyard // curated by Bellenza.


Send your invites at least 4 weeks ahead of the event, so guests can plan accordingly. You can include an optional dress code for this event such as having guests wear a specific color or even come in their own yukatas (i.e., Japanese robes).


Set up a picnic style party table that is complete comfy pillows and floating décor like pink and white paper lanterns (6). For place settings, consider pink party plates with chopsticks and colorful fans as simple décor elements.


Consider making your own cherry blossom centerpieces (5) like this one made of clay. You can also find faux cherry blossom branches and place them in white or clear glass vases. Just fill these vases with fillers like stones, gems, or candy. Only a few decorative elements are needed to create something elegant.

Party Activity

Think interactive and fun by setting up a parasol decorating station (4) with a display of markers and paint bottles for guests to craft their own artistic creations. Liven up the party with music by playing karaoke! For anime fans, play a selection of Japanese animation films. Be sure to include a photo booth table complete with props like lanterns, fans, and robes, including a mini make-up station.

Sweets and Cake

Stick with a few dessert items by assembling a sakura themed dessert table with a beautiful sweet 16 cherry blossom themed birthday cake (1) as the centerpiece of the table. Include cherry blossom hued treats like cupcakes, red bean ice cream, pink mochi (3), and petit fours. Beverages like strawberry lemonade (2) served pretty mason jars with tags and straws would make great accompaniments.

Cherry Blossom Favor Ideas

Present guests with home-baked cookies packaged in shimmering pink fabric (7). You can also include cherry blossom themed items like Japanese paper fans, chopsticks, and soaps as part of a goody bag to take home.

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4 / 6 – Parasol and tablescape as seen on the blog of Buttercream Buzz
5 – Cherry blossom clay tutorial via Amy Atlas
7 – Pink fabric wrapped favors from the Bellenza SHOP

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