See & Do: Sweet 16 Glam Menu Cards with a CD Case

If you’ve seen our Popstar Princess-themed Sweet 16 post, you may have spotted the clever menu cards presented in CD cases. They look chic enough for the evening’s “celebrity celebrant,” but they are actually so simple to make. So even without a tutorial (we actually overlooked shooting the step-by-step process!), we can easily explain how you can replicate these for your own event. Come have a look. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Glittery Menu Card DIY with CD Case

Materials you will need (*links through Amazon):

Clear CD “jewel cases” (set of 10)
Glitter cardstock – in silver (pack of 15 sheets)
Desktop printer
Craft cutter / Retractable razor knife

Easy 5-step process:

Sample Menu for Popstar Sweet 16

1. Measure the CD cases to get the printing area for both the front and the back of the menu card.

2. Using this measurement, layout your front design and the menu listing for the back on your choice of graphics program.

3. Counting how many tables you will have at your event, print out the front design and the menu listing on the silver cardstock—one set for each table.

(Note: Printing on glitter paper can be a bit tricky. So we suggest you experiment with the printer settings to get the clearest image possible on the glitter surface. Also handle the printouts with care to avoid smearing of the ink while still wet.)

Popstar Hollywood Glam Sweet 16 Menu

4. When dry, cut the printed cardstock to the needed size. Then, slip the cover designs into the front of the CD cases and the menu listing into the back.

5. Display the finished menu-cards-in-cases, one on each party table, with a fancy napkin folding and a themed accent (like this sparkly star form sticker (*Amazon affiliate) for our Popstar Princess Sweet 16 Party).

Glam and Glittery Menu Cards with a CD Case

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