Spooky, Cute Party Ideas for a Fun Halloween Children’s Party

Here it is, friends! The first post in our Halloween Crafts and Desserts Fest! We couldn’t be more thrilled, since we get to showcase the cutest, coolest, and creepiest projects and treats of fellow-pinners to our Pinterest board Your Halloween Creations. We’re featuring 7 fun and fabulous pins that caught our eye. But there’s a lot more inspiration where these came from, so do stop by the board and see for yourselves!

Note: There are 3 more weeks to go in our Halloween Crafts and Desserts Fest. So if you haven’t joined our special Halloween board yet, see how you can get an invite here. We’d love to have you ‘on board’ (literally)! If you’re already our fellow-pinner, do keep pinning away. Your creation could be one of our Halloween Fest features on the next 3 Tuesdays!

7 Featured Pins: Fun Finds for Kids’ Halloween Parties

Turn the “Eeks”and “Ewwws” of the year’s scariest holiday into “Awwws” and “yums”! How? Just take a few creative cues from these talented crafters and etsy vendors we’re delighted to be featuring.

Spooky, cute Halloween Ideas for a Children's Party

1. Pumpkin Pouch Goodie Bags by Canary Street Crafts

These DIY goodie bundles are so simple to craft, using just orange tissue paper, green floral tape, and a pair of scissors. But see what delightful packaging they make for Halloween treats to give out as party favors!

2. Halloween Spider Cupcakes by Cooking With the Style Sisters

Even the decorating-challenged among us can recreate these fun cupcake toppings. A layer of fluorescent green icing has cobwebs piped on with white icing. Then the creepily-cute spider is assembled with a gumdrop body, black licorice legs, and a marshmallow head with gel icing eyes.

3. ‘Happy Halloween’ Garland by Fresh Lemon Blossoms on etsy

We all know how a party garland can creative an instant festive air. So check out this one that comes all ready to hang at your party venue. Less work for you, more time to enjoy the occasion!

4. Ghost Brownies by Persia Lou

Don’t you love it when old favorites get a new fun twist? Even a ghostly one? Yes, these are your usual brownies (just baked in a cupcake pan), each with a marshmallow on top with frosting spooned over it and mini chocolate chips for eyes and a nose. Eerie made easy!

5. Thought Bubble Cookies by Munchkin Munchies

The chalkboard effect of these otherwise simple cookies is just perfect for Halloween, with the black icing base and the white lettering hand-painted on with a brush. And that ‘thought bubble’ shape has definite fun possibilities for many different occasions.

6. Disco Pumpkin by Etcetorize

Yes, it does kinda look like those sparkly mirrored disco balls, though this glitzy pumpkin version is snazzed up in hot pinks and purples. So if you’re going for a retro ‘70s theme, just follow the simple tutorial and have several of these as your table centerpieces!

7. Monster Eyeballs by Simply Creative Insanity

Monsters seem to be getting cuter each year! Even their eyeballs (a.k.a. gumballs) turn out appealing, colorfully packaged in plastic tubes to be given as favors. How clever are those fuzzy balls with a single googly eye each?

Thank you to these blogging/pinning friends for the Halloween inspiration! So shall we be seeing more of you over at our Halloween board, as we choose the next batch of 7 creations to feature?


  1. Thanks for sharing our pumpkin pouches!!

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