Spookily Elegant Halloween Party Favors for Grown Ups!

Trick or treat! When it comes to choosing favors for a Halloween bash, why not take your cue from that fun tradition? Will you give guests something “tricky” and fun? Or something that’s a sweet or savory treat? It’s up to you. And the thrill is that, either way, you’ll have a blast preparing these elegant party favors for your guests.

Just take a look at the ideas below. You could choose items that match your party palette, that will be great mementos of the occasion’s theme, or that present typical Halloween goodies with stylish flair!

Go with Green!

Halloween party favors for adults

Admittedly, green isn’t your usual Halloween hue. And that’s what can make your favors distinctive! Little ramekin dishes filled with green chocolate-coated sunflower seeds would make charming take-home treats. To gift wrap these, we used silver cupcake liners as lids and tied them in place with green ribbon.

You could even give “green” gifts with an eco-friendly spin. For Halloween? you ask. Why not! Our example is sweet bunches of green button mums in votive holders. But you could also prepare potted herbs, glass bottles repurposed into decorative vases, or journals made with recycled paper pages. To keep these in theme, you can always tuck in favor tags shaped like spiders or black cats!

Think Edible and Elegant!

Chocolate sprinkled apples and masks

If you’re eyeing edible party favors, you can always break away from the typical cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops. Caramel apples are huge favorites during the fall season anyhow. So why not tweak them, like we did, with a coating of green candy sprinkles to match a green, black and silver palette?

If you’re planning a special party theme like The Phantom of the Opera, for instance, what a delight for each guest to receive a masquerade-style mask moulded from sugar icing! Or for a Harry Potter theme, you could simulate mini magic wands using chocolate pretzel sticks stylishly presented in shot glasses.

Traditional Treats Packaged in Style!

Halloween candy corn and popcorn mix

Who can forget those well-loved Halloween staples, popcorn and candy corn? Just because you’re having a grown-up gathering doesn’t mean these can’t find their way in! See how we presented typical pop corn mixed with bright red M&Ms and packaged for gift giving in vintage sorbet cups. Or, you can enclose them in red packaging! So pretty!

And even your humble candy corn can get all glammed up in tiny silver baskets, ready for each guest to take home. Aside from these baskets, you could use crystal candy dishes, origami boxes, or paper cones made to resemble witch’s hats (stayed tuned for this tutorial)!


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