Spooky Halloween DIY Backdrop for Your Home’s Entryway

A Halloween welcome that’s, well, unwelcoming? Precisely! For a Halloween-themed party, it’s important to set the eerie ambiance from the moment guests arrive at the venue. And what better way to do this than with entryway decor designed to send chills up one’s spine?

Nothing gory or ghoulish, mind you. In fact, this DIY Halloween backdrop we’ve put together might even be described as stylishly spooky! It also entails next-to-nil crafting skills. If you can cut out a few bat silhouettes and arrange some dried branches, you can pull this off. So on that encouraging note, let’s see about creating something creepy!

Eerie Entryway Decor for a Halloween

Materials you will need (links will lead you to Amazon):

  • – several dried, bare branches – preferably with several spindly twigs
  • – dried leaves, grass, hay, corn husks, seed pods, and the like
  • – arrangements of dried flowers
  • – small pieces of driftwood or grape vines
  • – clear glass hurricane lamps or tall glass vases
  • mirror risers or similar stands, if available
  • plastic bats or cutouts from black card stock – 3 to 4 varied sizes
  • – black artificial spiders
  • faux cobwebs – available everywhere at Halloween time!
  • – clear glass fillers, white pebbles, or glossy pebbles
  • – masking tape, heavy-duty scissors, hot glue gun, wire, if needed

Location: For our example, we were fortunate to have a lighted alcove that was perfect for setting up this little Halloween vignette. But you could make use of whatever section works at home: a doorway, a hallway or corridor, a flight of stairs, even a blank wall that guests will pass on their way in.

Assembly: As we mentioned, no crafting ability is required for this project. It’s actually more of assembly skills.

Add faux spider cobwebs into the display for a Halloween entryway

First up are the bat cutouts. Attach them with masking tape to the upper wall or other surface behind your intended display. Then, depending on the space available, ensure that the dried branches will fit by trimming or snapping off portions as needed.

Place spooky bats on wall.

Stand the branches up inside the glass hurricane lamps or tall vases. If you need a counterweight to keep the vases stable, fill them partway with clear glass stones or white pebbles. For additional safety, keep the elements in place with hot glue or wire where needed.

Stand the branches up inside the glass hurricane lamps or tall vases.

Position the mirrored pedestals or stands as desired, and balance the vases on top of them to create varied heights. Allow the branches’ twigs to interlock, adding more loose branches, pieces of driftwood and/or grape vines to enhance the eerie effect. Then, tuck in amongst the branches dried leaves, grass, hay, corn husks, or seed pods.

Hurricane lamps on Halloween Entryway

Place the bunches of dried flowers in smaller clear vases, simulating otherworldly bridal bouquets. Position these at the base of the branch arrangements. Finally stretch the faux cobwebs randomly from branch to branch, and add the artificial spiders as though creepily crawling amidst the display!

stretch the faux cobwebs randomly from branch to branch, and add the artificial spiders as though creepily crawling amidst the display!


  • – To extend the sinister effect, you may be thinking of hanging votive holders on the branches or adding tea lights in glass cylinders. We would caution against this, though, unless you’ll have someone stationed nearby at all times! A better option would be to use string lights available on Amazon.
  • – On a practical note, you could also have this vignette serve as an “unfortunate” wishing tree. You could have tiny spiders glued onto pins holding the cards in place! How’s that for being in theme?

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  1. I’m taking pictures inside the home all the time and to have a nice backdrop in the background is such a neat idea.
    And it looks so easy to make.
    Visiting from a Monday Link-up. Happy Monday,


    • Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you had a great Halloween.

    • Lovely linkup! Thanks for stopping by!

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