Weekly Roundup #13: Creative Thanksgiving Tables with a Difference

We all have this picture of what a Thanksgiving tablescape looks like, right? The colors, the textures, the materials, the elements. So what a delight it was for us to be surprised by table settings we spotted this past week. Like a breath of fresh autumn air, they prove that even this most beloved holiday can go “neo traditional” (a term we learned from one of our finds)!

Try Something Different for Your Thanksgiving Table

Creative Thanksgiving Tables // as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza.

What was it about each of these finds that made us catch our breath and smile? It was the unexpected elements you don’t normally see on a Thanksgiving table—but work so well!

1 – Surprise touch: Pastel vintage-style glassware
Love the lavender compote dishes and rose cake stand combined with green fruit and veggies. They create an almost spring-like look for this setting from Home Goods.

2 – Surprise touch: Rustic red
With orange dominating the fall scene, the festive pops of red on this country-style table from Living Locurto are a welcome change. And a jar of trail mix on each plate? Genius!

3 – Surprise touch: Everything
Okay, you can just see the mini pumpkins on each plate. But aside from those, this “non-Thanksgiving” table from The Neo-traditionalist has casual-chic written all over it. How happy is that centerpiece and how cool are those tortoise-shell glasses!

4 – Surprise touch: Purple goblets and napkins
Bringing in a non-fall color is a great way to freshen up the look, as in this tablescape from Peonies and Orange Blossoms. The purple glassware and linens echo the Indian corn colors in the centerpiece perfectly.

5 – Surprise touch: Rustic outdoor orchard look
This absolutely charming styled shoot by Woven and Wed (via The Sweetest Occasion) has an “apple farm picnic” theme. So why not an outdoor Thanksgiving picnic, with lush leaves, fresh fruit, and elegant dinnerware?

Thanks to these great sites for reinventing the Thanksgiving table so beautifully!

Can you believe next Saturday’s roundup will be in November? In the meantime, Happy Halloween to all!

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