Weekly Roundup #8: Kiddie Halloween Party Activities!

Eeeek! In just over a month, Halloween will be here! Luckily, over this past week, we found these 5 cool activities to keep the kiddies happily entertained at your in-house parties—so the grown-ups can enjoy, too. These are actually a mix of crafty and (secretly!) educational activities with a clever Halloween spin in keeping with the holiday. So you can work them right into your party plans!

Ideas for Halloween Activities for Kids

Kiddie Halloween Party Activities for Fun with Kids! #halloweenactivities

1 – Pumpkin Robots Kid Craft
Thanks to Glued to My Crafts, you can just set out mini pumpkins, paint, art paper, and googly eyes. And let the little ones make their own robot heads to take home afterwards.

2 – Halloween Math
The children won’t even know they’re doing Math, while playing with beans painted like pumpkins and ghosts! See the full how-to at Gift of Curiosity.

3 – Halloween Cootie Catcher
Use a ready-made printable, like this geometric-style one by Bloom Designs Online (via Li’l Luna), for this classic game. You can leave the printouts flat, then have the kiddos fold them up at the party and play away!

4 – Create Your Own Halloween Board Game
What a cool idea, making a board game out of a Halloween printable and sticker set by Carta Bella! Check out the link for sourcing, or create your own!

5 – Make a Monster
And of course, good old art paper and glue crafts are always fun. So grab some ‘monster look’ samples from Cutting Tiny Bites, and let the youngsters’ imagination run…and roar!

So that’s one less thing to be scared of this Halloween—how to keep the children busy at the parties you’ll be hosting. Now, it’s on to October for next week’s roundup of party ideas! See you then!

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