Cinderella-Inspired Favor Ideas with a Magical Glow!

Pulling together a Cinderella themed birthday party and wondering what to give as favors? You’re in luck today because we have 7 unique and elegant ideas for casting that magical glow on your party. Your little guests should go home feeling like a princess, which is exactly the inspiration behind this post today.

Pretty Cinderella Favors to Give!

Don't have any idea of what to give as Cinderella themed favor ideas for a birthday party? Check out these 7 great ideas.

From pretty wands to tiaras to midnight clock cookies, the favor ideas above are inspired by the various symbols and colors associated with the theme, but aim to be elegant. When preparing the favors, you can pick and choose from below or prepare a beautiful favor presentation table alongside your celebrant’s birthday cake. You can also package several pieces together as part of take-home loot bags that are filled with various treats! Lastly, you can also set a piece as part of the place settings on the party table.

  1. Princess Crown Wand Set – available via Darby Smart
  2. Midnight Clock Cookies – see these cute cookies that were actually part of a New Year’s Party shoot via J. at Your Service
  3. Rose Shaped Favor Bags – available at Bellenza Shop
  4. Aqua Lollipops – from etsy seller This Charming Candy
  5. Marshmallow Crown Pops – as seen on Create-Celebate-Explore
  6. Glitter Magic Wands – from etsy seller Cant Wait To Celebrate
  7. Cinderella Cookie Glass Slippers – from etsy seller Baking in heels

Let’s Hear It!

What will you be doing for your favors? Please feel free to share your favor ideas with other moms planning a Cinderella party theme!

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