Goodie Bags for Kids: Last-Minute Ideas for Kids 3 and Up!

When it comes to last-minute goodie bags for kids, think practical and unisex! These 6 favor ideas we bring you today should make your birthday party planning a little less stressful. Sit back and relax because these finds are great for both boys and girls ages 3 and up.

Fun and Practical Goodie Bags for Toddlers!

Don't panic yet! These last-minute goodie bag ideas for kids ages 3 and up are fun and practical | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza.

  1. Mini Garbage Cans $14.99 / DZ – via U.S. TOY COMPANY
  2. Sesame Street Coloring & Activity Book $1.00 – via Party City
  3. Mini Crayons 12ct $2.99 Package – via Party City
  4. Minute Maid Apple 100% Juice Box 6.75 oz, 10 pk $2.99 – via Target
  5. Cracker Jack Popcorn and Peanuts 1.25 Oz., 48/Pack $40.89 – via Staples
  6. Play-Doh 15 count Party Bag $7.49 – via ToysRUs

Last-Minute Tips for Putting Goodie Bags Together

  1. Go for unisex items so that you don’t have to worry about creating separate goodie bags for boys and girls.
  2. Watch out for last-minute shipping costs when ordering online. You may want to consider in-store buying options first.
  3. Avoid small toys with moving parts that may be swallowed. This also applies to candies!
  4. Consider containers like buckets, mini garbage bins, and handy loot bags!
  5. Display the goodie bags as part of your birthday cake table for a festive scene.


  1. These are such great ideas for goodie bags parents and some party planners always looking for different cute ideas to give kids.

    • What a sweet comment! Thank you!

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