Little Cowboy Themed Party Favors: 5 Easy Ideas

A cowboy-themed party calls for creative favors—both cool for kids and manageable for moms! So we’re pretty proud to share these 5 easy favor ideas from our own “Little Cowboy” party shoot. They each play up the Western motif in delightful, yet doable ways. Something sweet? Something decorative? Cute and clever packaging? We’ve got a little of all those right here.

Homemade Treats in Bandana Bundles

Blue bandanas with chocolate chip cookies for a cowboy themed party

Bundle up surprise treats for the kiddie cowboys in colorful bandanas and keep them guessing. Could it be home-baked chocolate chip cookies, campfire kits, cool cowboy accessories (a sheriff’s star, buckle, and spurs), or even some fresh, crisp apples? Just tie the goodies up securely with a gingham bow, and display them in a wooden crate at the party.

Fun Marshmallow Skewers

Marshmallow skewers for a cowboy themed party

All kids love marshmallows! So you’ve got a sure winner with skewers of marshmallows and gummy candies or chocolate bites. Super-simple to assemble, and can double up as table decorations, too. Slip each skewer into a cello bag, then stand a bunch of them in a galvanized bucket to make a delightful centerpiece. Or place one on each guest’s plate, along with clever denim-pocket holders for place cards or menus!

Colorful Cowboy Patchwork Cupcakes

Cowboy cupcakes with red and blue patchwork for a cowboy themed party

Irresistibly cute! Decorate each one with a patchwork topper and a Western-themed cut out—a choice of horses, cowboy hats, and boots. They make eye-catching decor at the party, then go home with each guest as a yummy take-home treat!

Candy in Blue Packaging

Blue wrapped candy for a cowboy themed party

If moms come along and join the fun, prepare special favors just for them. Greet them at their tables with little packages of colored fabric wrap hiding candy, small gift items, or fun single-serve ‘S’mores kits’! Complete the presentation with denim pockets, horse-themed napkin bands, and mustaches on sticks (great as place cards or as photobooth props…or both!).

‘All Together Now’

Cowboy favors with mustache sticks for a cowboy themed party

For a really appealing effect, put 2 or 3 of these favor ideas together on each place setting. Here, we combined the marshmallows-on-sticks with the cowboy cupcakes, along with the other decor elements. Just prepare clear acetate boxes or kraft paper “loot” bags for guests to pack up these goodies at the end of the party and ‘ride off into the sunset’!

We did say delightful and doable, didn’t we? Happy Cowboy Party planning!

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