Creative Valentine’s Chocolate Recipe Ideas: The Taste of Love!

We all know that Valentine’s Day is for lovers. But we thought we’d delight all the chocolate lovers out there (would that be all of us?) with 10 incredibly creative and tempting Valentine’s chocolate recipe ideas to give those ‘special someones’ in your life! Are you giving to Mom and Dad, the kids, work colleagues, classmates, teachers, neighbors, or party guests? Take your pick. There’s a chocolate goodie here for everyone.

There’s just something about the decadent flavor of chocolate and its velvety richness that make it perfect for saying “I love you” or “You’re special”! So you’ve got plus points right there, simply by choosing chocolate—whether dark, milk or white. Are you an avid baker? We have finds below that you’d be thrilled to make yourself and give on Valentine’s Day: mini cakes, cake pops, mousse and truffles. Or are you among the baking-challenged? Don’t worry! The other finds can be assembled from ready-to-eat elements—like fruits, pretzels, store-bought cupcakes—then dipped, frosted, coated or filled with oh-so-irresistible chocolate! The results will be the same: love at first bite!

Thanks for all these choco-charming ideas (each with an accompanying recipe or tutorial) goes to these amazing blogs:

Valentine's chocolate recipe ideas for chocolate lovers

1 – Raspberry surprise chocolate truffles, from Taste and Tell

2 – Chocolate covered pretzels, from Love From the Oven

3 – Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with candy hearts, from Creatively Christy

4 – Chocolate teddy bear cake pops, from Bakerella

5 – Chocolate raspberry macarons, from Pass the Cocoa

6 – Chocolate mousse, from My Baking Addiction

7 – Dark chocolate dipped strawberries, from A Food Centric Life

8 – Mini raspberry cake, from Cooking Channel TV

9 – Fudge brownie cupcakes with chocolate malted buttercream, from Relishing It

10 – Chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes, from Taste and Tell via Sweet Treats and More


  1. Yum!! All of these are so beautiful and look delicious!

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