What’s So Funny? Favors for an “Alice in Wonderland” Theme!

Planning your tweener’s “Alice in Wonderland” party? Now, there’s a theme she and her guests are sure to love. They’ll be surrounded by a party scene in a whole rainbow of colors, fun “Alice” themed decorations, and food and games to match!

But what about party favors, you ask? Well, that’s a whole other area where this classic childhood story is such a dream to work with. Virtually anything playful, whimsical, and magical can serve as favor inspiration! So, keep in mind what a “curious” place Wonderland was, as you select party keepsakes that the young guests will be thrilled to take home. Below are just a few ideas to spark your imagination!

Surprise Guests with Candy-filled Keepsakes

Whimsical eggs as favors in yellow and blue

As we all know, tweeners love feeling grown up. So why not delight them with “young lady” favors—porcelain eggs painted in sunny yellow? But when they open up the eggs, they’ll find favorite childhood treats tucked inside, like colorful jelly beans, lemon drops, sour balls, bubble gum balls, M&Ms, or chocolate balls.

To present them in a creative manner, position an egg atop each guest’s plate (mismatched plates add to the whimsy!), along with a brightly colored napkin, tie each egg with a different color of ribbon, and add a favor tag featuring the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, or Alice herself.

Flowers Bring a Sweet Smile, Anytime!

Mini potted flowers

What little girly girl doesn’t love flowers? So mini pots of roses would make the most darling mementos for each guest. Once taken home from the party, these arrangements would look lovely as accents on their bedroom night tables, their dressers, or their bookshelves.

To present them with a humorous spin, stand each one on top of a decorative saucer—lined with florist’s moss or left plain. Underneath each pot, hide a small card with a famous phrase from the “Alice” story or from storytelling in general, such as “Happily ever after…” “Curioser and curioser!” “I’m late, I’m late!” “Who…are…you…?” Then, sometime during the party, you can use these as part of a “Wonderland” guessing game or activity for all the guests to join in!

Give Mementos Fit for a Young Lady

Put the favors on colorful plates

What about treating each little guest like a princess? Set out picture frames with whimsical messages! Or, give pretty sachet bags filled with candies like pink mints, pink gumballs, or pink foil-wrapped chocolates. Simply present one favor on each guest’s plate, lined with a colorful napkin. You may choose to spread confetti and swirly ribbons around the place settings for an equally festive presentation.

Hide Teacup Favors Inside Faux Cakes

Colorful wrapped tea cups

How can anyone forget the zany Mad Hatter and his “unbirthday” tea party? Take a cue from that hilarious scene from the story and serve the guests colorful cups of tea (the decaffeinated variety, of course, or perhaps even apple juice in disguise!). The more mismatched the cups and saucers are, the better! Then, as charming favors, prepare cup-and-saucer sets bundled up in colorful fabrics.

To surprise guests with these party gifts, prepare faux cakes out of cardboard (see a sample in the photo above). In the hollow space inside each cake, hide the wrapped teacup favors. Then, before the little lady guests leave, tip over the cakes to reveal the surprise gifts inside! Hint: You may also recycle old hat boxes to transform into faux cakes for this “surprise favor” display.

Use Edibles to Recreate the “Eat Me” Scene

Eat Me themed cookies

Of course, in the story, it’s a cake that is labelled “Eat me!” and causes Alice to grow way oversize till her hit head bumps against the ceiling. But you can always take this well-known scene and apply it to any edibles you’d like to give as party favors.

Some yummy options to consider: frosted cupcakes with fondant toppers declaring, “Eat Me!”, iced sugar cookies in Wonderland designs, or lollipop cookies in candy-colored wrapping and hung on a favor tree.

Decorate Pillows as Sleepover Party Keepsakes

Pink pillow favors with gingham ribbons

Another hit with tweeners would be an overnight slumber party! So why not plan an Alice-themed sleepover for the celebrant and her guests? Organize silly games based on the Wonderland story—including one that involves prettily decorated pillows that you’ve prepared in the sleeping area. Then, each young lady gets to take home a pillow as a party favor the next morning!

Ideas for decorating the pillow favors: tie pink gingham ribbons around each pillow, silkscreen or embroider the guests’ names or initials, or stitch on appliques related to the Alice theme.

As you can see, there are loads of possible party favors inspired by the Alice in Wonderland classic. Just think of what tweens would find fun or cool, recall key scenes from the story, then let your imagination go!


  1. The sleepover party favors look so fun! My daughters would love that!

    • Hi Ritchil! Glad to see you drop by! Thanks for the lovely comment.

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