ZING! Citrus-flavored Favors for a Baby Shower!

Looking for edible favors for a citrus-themed baby shower? Think beyond the usual candies, chocolates, or cookies? Try citrus-flavored goodies! The tang and zest of fruits like lemons, oranges, and limes perk up any take-home baby shower treats you may have planned—from store-bought sweets to home-made yummies even to refreshing drinks. And the bright, cheerful colors of citrus make packaging these favors a sheer delight!

Just Take a Look at These Irresistible Ideas We Found

Citrus baby shower favors

1 – Definitely not your usual orange sucker, these tangerine clove lollipops would make a unique treat. These pops ‘pair the spicy warmth of clove perfectly with the citrus tang of tangerine.’ Sounds like a flavorful surprise for guests, don’t you think?

2 – We did say you could consider citrus drinks as favors, right? Well, here Izze fruit-flavored sodas are used as escort card holders, too! We did a quick google check on Izze’s citrus flavors, and they have lemon, grapefruit, lime, and Mandarin orange. Perfect!

3 – Cake pops decorated to resemble lemon slices—now, that’s a charming citrus idea from a retro circus bridal shower and fell in love with the buckets of assorted pops on display. You could do something similar, making ones that look like lemon, orange, and lime slices!

4 – If you’re into baking, why not show off a little with special home-baked favors like these delicious mini key lime cakes! Made of layers of fluffy key lime cake and rich cream cheese frosting topped off with graham cracker crumbs. Yum! And since they’re a petite size, you can package each one prettily for guests to take home.

5 – Oh so simple, yet so sweet (and sour, too) are these cheery bottles of lemon jelly beans. Actually part of a birthday party, they play up the bright yellow and black motif of the party’s ‘honey bee’ theme. Adorable and so doable. Try this with lemon drops, orange slice gummy candies, or lime-flavored jelly beans!

6 – More key lime perkiness—this time in scrumptious cupcakes! ‘Upside down key lime pies,’ to be exact. The lime-flavored cake is on the bottom and the traditional graham cracker crust is now in the form of frosting on top! Clever, huh? Just dress each cupcake up in a decorative wrapper and display on your favor table.

7 – For a favor that looks special but is actually quite simple to make, try candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate! Guests are sure to be impressed!

Picture credits: 1 – This Charming Candy; 2 – Scarlet Petal; 3 – Paper Blog; 4 – Mini Baker; 5 – Brilliant Bash; 6 – Cupcake Project; 7 – Closet Cooking

What do you like? Let us know what’s your favorite citrus flavor!


  1. So glad you found an idea to use, Sharon! Love those candied peels, too. 🙂

  2. Yummy! I’m using that candied orange peel idea.

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