Surf Shack Birthday Party Ideas Feature from 5 Party Blogs!

Such a fun concept for a “cool dude” birthday party this summer! A Surfer or Surf Shack theme offers up a whole array of decorating possibilities for creative party moms and dads. But why recreate the wheel—or should we say, the surfboard? We found so many blog posts on surfing-themed parties that offer up amazing inspiration for decorations, table settings, food and drinks, and party favors. And here are 5 examples that we chose to showcase not only because they’re delightful, but because they’re actually doable! We point out why. Read on.

Surf’s Up, Dude! Birthday Party, by Ernstopia

This was the surfing-themed party designed by Alyssa of the family blog Ernstopia for their son. It’s just chock full of great details for turning a party venue into a “Hang 10” hang out that your own little surfer dude and guests will love.

Surf’s Up, Dude! Birthday Party by Ernstopia

Ideas and tips to take away:

  1. Sourcing ready-made party decor and supplies from outlets like Oriental Trading helps you establish the theme in a snap.
  2. A “grass skirt” fringe and a nylon “fishing net” overlay easily set the tropical vibe for the food and favor table.
  3. Cardboard food trays in the shape of surfer wagons are perfect for holding hotdogs, while cupcakes get topped with simple “shark’s fin” cutouts!
  4. “Shark bite kits” as party favors can include shark tooth necklaces and “shark bait” (chocolate balls and goldfish crackers) packaged in plastic tubes and petri dishes.
  5. All elements are pulled together with a color palette of bright aqua, chartreuse and orange, perfect for this theme!

Surf Shack Birthday Party, by Big Bows and Baseballs

It’s so reassuring to discover real parties—like this surf shack bash by Brooke of Big Bows and Baseballs—that “keep it real” but turn out great! Not everyone has the time and budget to go for an elaborate party setup. So we spotted how Brooke made the key party elements work: a perfect themed centerpiece and a fun birthday cake!

Surf Shack Birthday Party by Big Bows and Baseballs

Ideas and tips to take away:

  1. Not too crafty yourself? Then, shop around online or in your favorite party supply shops for ready-made elements. Saves you time, expense and stress!
  2. Keep on the lookout for even just 1 or 2 main pieces, like this adorable surf wagon made of craft foam, purchased from Michael’s. The perfect centerpiece!
  3. And on the simple dessert table, a sweet birthday cake frosted with ombre “waves” and topped with edible surf boards and mini bunting. Alongside, a free-standing number “2” that Brooke covered in wave-pattern paper—simple purchases from Hobby Lobby.

Hang 10 Retro Surf Shack Birthday Party, by Giggles Galore

This one’s for a girl! Mariah of Giggles Galore (images from Elayne Dunn Photography) worked this out perfectly with a palette of pink, purple and turquoise. This party is so full of charming and colorful details, you must visit the full post!

Hang 10 Retro Surf Shack Birthday Party by Giggles Galore

Ideas and tips to take away:

  1. A rustic wooden booth, scaled to child size, is a great investment. It can be decorated in so many ways to suit different party themes. Here it’s a surf shack, trimmed with paper lanterns, giant surf boards and a birthday garland!
  2. Directional signs are always a fun party element. Think of witty names for each area or activity of the party, paint them on arrow-shaped boards in the palette colors, and mount them on a pole.
  3. Note the pink plastic beach totes gathered at the base of the sign, holding flip-flops, towels and custom lifeguard t-shirts as favors for each guest.
  4. A custom birthday cake that’s a replica of a VW surfer van couldn’t be cuter! Love the details, especially the license plate with the birthday girl’s initials and age.

Surf Shack and Underwater Adventure Birthday Party, by Parties and Potty Training

Need a summer party theme for twins or siblings? How amazing is this dual celebration designed by Shannon of both Parties and Potty Training and Shannon Qualls Photography for her sons—with a surf shack theme and an underwater adventure theme. You can see more of the creative details in the full post.

Surf Shack and Underwater Adventure Birthday Party by Parties and Potty Training

Ideas and tips to take away:

  1. The popular palette of aqua and chartreuse really pops here, with details in crisp white and a snappy canopy of blue and white stripes for the Surf Shack food station.
  2. Signage is key, too! Check out the hand-painted sign on wooden planks and a chalkboard sign announcing the “surfing forecast.”
  3. A separate Underwater Adventure-themed food display looks awesome! In Shannon’s words, it included “a shark cake with a treasure beach ball, turtle cake, octopus cupcakes (with a surprise inside!), starfish rice krispy treats, under the sea creature sugar cookies, coral reef popcorn and homemade ice cream.”

Beach Party Picnic, by Moms and Munchkins

This bright and cheery take on a beach party picnic by Cheryl of Moms and Munchkins is what summer is all about! Just see how the colors seem to bounce around with sunny energy, displaying fun party treats and favors. You’ll appreciate how Cheryl’s full guest post on this party is so practical, too!

Beach Party Picnic, by Moms and Munchkins

Ideas and tips to take away:

  1. Tissue paper tassels form a festive garland over the party treats table, while multi-colored pinwheels add a playful touch in a breezy outdoor venue.
  2. Wooden crates hold “fish and chips” (a.k.a. bags of goldfish crackers and potato chips) for party guests to munch at the party and take home, too.
  3. “Sundae cupcakes” are actually store-bought cupcakes topped with chocolate syrup and colorful sprinkles to resemble soda fountain sundaes. Clever and cute!
  4. Cake pops in the shape of sunbursts, flip flops, fish, crabs and more are sure to be hit with the kiddies.

Which of these Surf Shack Party tips and hints did you find most helpful? Or maybe you have some of your own to share? Leave a comment below!


  1. I just ran across your fun surfing party post. Thanks for featuring my party on your page!

  2. So many darling ideas for summer parties, thank you for including our retro surf party!

    • It was such as cute party! So glad to feature it!

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