Galaxy-themed Birthday Party Ideas: Out of This World Decor, Treats and Favors!

No wonder a galaxy theme is such a hot trend for children’s birthday parties. It has so many pluses going for it! It incorporates the magical blues and purples of a starry night sky in everything from decorations to desserts. It brings in cool artistic effects like marbling and watercolor. It can even have a fun science spin if you’re looking for something educational. Plus, it’s something both boys and girls will get a blast out of! So come zoom into outer space with us, as we present these amazing galaxy-themed birthday party ideas we found.

Party Decorations & Favors for an Outerspace, Galaxy Theme

Galaxy party decorations and favors // featured on The Party Suite at Bellenza.

Get guests ready to “blast off” at your fun-filled party with a themed yard sign (1) waiting to welcome them. Then, set the galactic scene indoors with a dessert table backdrop (6) featuring multi-colored planets and stars, matching an amazing rocketship cake and blue-frosted cupcakes. Echo this same look in a photo booth backdrop (4) with hanging “planet” lanterns and gilded stars.

For a party activity, have the kiddie guests make DIY “galaxy bottles” (5) using acrylic paint, cotton balls and glitter! Then, for galaxy-inspired favors, surprise them with sprinkles-topped “jello in a jar” (2) and mini buckets of space cutouts and stickers (3).

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Galaxy-inspired Party Treats and Sweets Go Futuristic

The kiddos will go crazy over these “spacey” sweets! Check out these cosmic desserts and confections with that outer space look—from swirls of celestial colors to a sprinkling of stars!

Galaxy party treats from ice cream to glittery donuts // featured on The Party Suite at Bellenza.

Serve homemade ice cream (1) that’s made even more heavenly in marbled colors of pink, blue, and purple. Then, assemble an out-of-this-world dessert display, featuring galaxy donuts sprinkled with edible glitter in cosmic hues (2), galaxy cupcakes with tiny sugar stars (3), and galaxy cake pops (4). With even more treats to take home, like space bark (5) made from candy melts and glitter galaxy lollipops (6)!

The little guests will probably be zipping around like rocket ships from all this sugar. But it’s a galaxy party theme, after all!

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Galaxy Themed Activities and Games

  1. Crafting – For little kids, simply prepare craft-store papier maché stars for each of them to decorate with paint, glitter, and stickers plus some string to take them home and hang in their rooms. If you are able to find mini craft stars and balls, older children can assemble them into galaxy mobiles, too!
  2. Paintball – For a garden venue, the guests will have a blast (literally!) attacking opposing teams of “space invaders” with paintball ammo. You can purchase regular paintball kits and add galaxy-inspired party masks or create DIY vests to divide the guests into teams.
  3. Coloring – A great cost-saving idea is to search online for free printable coloring sheets with a space, astronaut, stars and planets theme. Then set these out on an activity table with crayons in a canister decorated as a rocketship. Alternatively, you can purchase inexpensive space-themed coloring books that can double up as a party activity and take-home favors for each little guest.
  4. Movies – If your party guests are old enough to sit through a full feature film, you can set up your living room, patio, or basement family room for movie viewing. Choose classics (but check for age-appropriateness first) like the early Star Wars episodes, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or even selected episodes of the Flash Gordon TV series. Or choose more recent space adventure ones like Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animated) or ZathuraFor younger children, perhaps download or buy/rent the DVDs of animated feature films like Mars Needs Moms, Space Chimps, Space Buddies, or Wall-E. Or look online for short space-themed cartoons or made-for-children educational videos about the solar system.
  5. Stargazing campout – You could intentionally plan the party for the evening, so you can have a simple campfire-style cookout with hot dogs, sandwiches and s’mores. Then, have printouts of the different constellations for the youngsters to search for and spot these in the night sky! Pick-up time by parents can be arranged for 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. depending on what time it gets dark at that time of year.

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