How to Host a Chinese New Party: Your Guide to a Stylish Affair!

Intrigued by the possibility of throwing a Chinese New Year Party on January 28th? Why not? You can do it! We started with a teaser post on Lunar New Year invitations to choose from. Now, we’re offering you a selection of cocktail and appetizer pairings that have those signature Chinese flavors, aromas, and textures to tantalize guests with—with recipes, too! Plus, some cool serve ware and decorative touches to give your gathering an authentic look. Happy Year of the Rooster!

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Chinese Cocktails and Appetizer Pairings!

Cocktails and appetizer pairings // curated by Bellenza.

Pairing #1: Lychee cocktail + Peking duck rolls with scallions

Recipe credits: Monin Lychee Cocktail – Syrups and Stuff Co. / Easy Roast Duck Breast with Pancakes – Smoky Wok

Pairing #2: Tangerine cocktail + Chinese shrimp puff appetizer

Recipe credits: Tangerine Sidecar Cocktail – White on Rice Couple / Shrimp Puffs – Food Network

Pairing #3: Kumquat cocktail + Chinese spring rolls with chicken

Recipe credits: Kumquat Martini – Betty Crocker / Chicken and Vegetable Spring Rolls –

Pairing #4: Chrysanthemum cocktail + Scallion pancakes with dipping sauce

Recipe credits: Chrysanthemum Cocktail – Imbibe Magazine / Scallion Pancakes with Ginger Dipping Sauce – Brown Eyed Baker

Pairing #5: Jasmine tea cocktail + Chinese BBQ pork buns

Recipe credits: Jasmine Gin Fizz – Food and Wine / Steamed BBQ Pork Buns – The Woks of Life

Chinese-inspired Serve Ware and Decorations

Recreate the look of a stylish Chinese New Year cocktail party with these party supplies and accent pieces. Just click on the links for where to buy!

Chinese New Year Party Ware // curated by Bellenza.

1 – Rectangular Shanghai plates – Your appetizers and dipping sauces will look extra special served on these glazed plates from World Market.

2 – Bamboo slat tray – Love the quaint Oriental look of this serving piece from Pier 1.

3 – Bamboo serving tray – Perfect for passing around your cocktails onl! Available from Pier 1.

4 – Chinese takeout food boxes – Of course, you must have these on hand for take-home party leftovers (or even for packaging favors)! Amazon has them in white and red.

5 – 2017 Chinese New Year mascot ornaments – Why not delight guests with these embroidered Year of the Rooster ornaments from Amazon as party favors?

6 – Chinese paper lanterns – Hang these around your party venue for an instant festive touch. Amazon has them available in sets of 10.

7 – Disposable chopsticks – Guests will enjoy sampling the bite-size appetizers with these bamboo chopsticks that come in a pretty red sleeve inscribed with Chinese characters. Order a pack from Amazon.

8 – Chinese New Year red envelopes – In keeping with Chinese tradition, give out these “lucky money” envelopes for welcoming a new year of prosperity. Available via Amazon.

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