Mark that Milestone with a Vintage Dude 50th Birthday Party!

If the ladies earn the title "Golden Girl" when they turn 50, what do the gents get to be called as they hit that 5th decade? Oh, the much cooler "Vintage Dude"—"aged to perfection," so they claim! And wouldn’t you know it, an entire party can be spun around that theme, thanks to ready-made decorations, printables, party accessories, and favors! (*this post contains affiliate links)

So whether the honoree is your dad, hubby, brother, or best buddy, this is sure to be one milestone marker he won’t forget!

Table Decorations, Drinks and Desserts for a 50th Vintage Dude Party

Have a look at these party examples and product picks, and see how easy it can be to pull off a Vintage Dude birthday bash. Just keep within the pre-set color palette as you set up the coordinated decor for the tables, food buffet, and bar, package the themed favors, then "roll out the barrel of fun"!

Milestone 50th Vintage Dude Birthday Theme

Set the theme from the start with Vintage Dude party invitations (1 – available on Amazon) with a classic liquor label design in signature black and red.

Then, carry that palette throughout the party—from the guest tables (3 – via Pinterest) decked out in black table cloths, red napkins, and black-and-red balloon centerpieces. All the way to the liquor bar (4 – via Pinterest) offering guests an alcoholic assortment from fine wines to boozy beverages.

Order a customized, barrel-shaped Vintage Dude 50th birthday cake (2 – seen on Fatty Cakes and Bakes), to be sliced and served on themed dessert plates (5 – available on Amazon) matching all the other coordinated party ware.

Finally, the guest favors! Prepare gift bags holding Vintage Dude birthday chocolate coins (7 – from Custom Candy Bar Wrapper) or gold-foil wrapped chocolate nuggets bundled up in red fabric wraps (6 – from the Bellenza SHOP); along with cool keepsakes like a 1970 50th birthday beer glass (8 – available on Amazon) and other vintage novelty items.

Hitting the big 5-0 is certainly reason to celebrate. And this is one fun way to make it memorable!

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