Plan an Easy Christmas Fiesta with Festive Entertaining Ideas!

Pull off an easy, last-minute Christmas party with a festive Mexican-inspired fiesta! Host a fun-filled celebration serving up delicious Mexican food and drinks that you can prepare at home, order from a caterer, or select from your favorite Mexican restaurant. Include a variety of desserts and a Mexican hot chocolate to bring warmth and cheer to all of your guests. See how fun it is to plan a Christmas fiesta (*this post contains affiliate links)!

Easy Christmas Fiesta Entertaining Ideas for a Last-minute Party

Plan an Easy Christmas Fiesta Entertaining Ideas and Tips


Since this is a last-minute affair that is meant to be an intimate gathering, only your closest friends and family will appreciate a hand delivered Christmas fiesta invitation (1)! Make the party fun by suggesting an attire or costume to wear! An ugly Christmas sweater with a Mexican theme, perhaps?

Next, plan your dinner with tasty favorites such as a salsa and cheese shaped Christmas tree (2), bountiful servings of tortilla chips, pork tamales (3), and cheesy quesadillas. Lastly, a nacho bar would be a fast and easy idea that you can quickly set up. Considering a healthy option? Try making casseroles, desserts, and soups using black beans!

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Serve your Christmas dinner with these vibrant fiesta-inspired Christmas plates (4) with a whimsical tree decorated with colorful decorations. Add striking poinsettia centerpieces, a papel picado table runner (via Amazon), and mini Christmas party piñatas as favors.

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What would a Mexican Christmas fiesta be without margaritas? Create a festive drinks table or cart with a mini margaritas bar, which will be a definite hit with the grow ups. You may also include some holiday cocktails made with Kahlua! As for the little ones, you can serve up a coconut, horchata, or guava juice in whimsical cactus themed paper cups. Citrusy-lime water is also a nice option with much less sugar to worry about!


Finally, the desserts of your party can be fast assembly of holiday cookies! Consider a casual cookies and hot chocolate table, but with a Mexican twist. We suggest Mexican wedding cookies (5), churros, and polvorones. These can be home baked, but are also readily available at a Mexican grocery or bakery. A thick Mexican hot chocolate called champurrado (6) is the perfect ending to this joyous occasion. Feliz Navidad!

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