How to Set up A New Year’s Eve Candy Table in Gold and Black!

Celebrate your NYE party in the sweetest style with a festive and glamorous sweets table. Think chic black candy wrappers accented with gold, sparkly candy in gold foil, and other dazzling confections packaged with pizzazz, and an amazing NYE cake. Assembling your New Year’s candy station should be a cinch with the ideas we are sharing with you below.

Creative Ideas for Assembling a NYE Sweets Table in Gold and Black

Start with the edibles, of course! Pick and choose a few items that makes sense according to your budget. Our suggestions below include such favorites:

A Black and Gold Candy Table for a NYE 2019 Party!

  1. Gold gumballs*
  2. Gold and black Oreo cookies via Zazzle
  3. Black and white M&Ms that you can personalize with the New Year via Beau-coup
  4. Gold-foil wrapped Hershey’s Kisses*
  5. Ferrero Rocher gold-foil wrapped hazelnut chocolates*
  6. Rock candy in a golden hue*
  7. Gold and black luxury cake pops via
  8. Chocolate bars in black and gold New Year’s wrapping*
  9. Black and white treat boxes with glittery gold lining*
  10. A glittery gold 2019 cake topper* on top of a grand black and gold celebration (11) cake from Sweet Bee Cake

*denotes items available through Amazon

You can create a dazzling NYE candy table by incorporating only 3-4 of the above candies. For serving containers, use what you have on hand such as glass vases, fish bowls, small porcelain bowls, and serving trays. Have serving scoops or small paper cups to allow for easy self-serve access. Provide guests with cocktail napkins, small plates, and even favor bags. What a fun and sweet way to start the New Year in 2019!

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