Downhome Entertaining: A Rustic Thanksgiving Party with Family {Decor Ideas}

Our inspiration for a dream Thanksgiving dinner with the family is this fabulously cozy table setting in a rustic barn. But let’s face it, with most of us living in cities or the suburbs, this country ambiance can only remain a dream. Unless…you can work a bit of ‘down home entertaining’ magic for your family Thanksgiving with decorating ideas like these we found!

(Recreating) Thanksgiving Dinner in a Barn

There’s so much to love about this country-style tablescape. Wooden farmhouse furniture, sturdy white dinnerware, a twigs-and-berries centerpiece, snuggly throws on the chairs, and glowing tapers on iron candlesticks. If you happen to have some of these items (or something similar), lucky you!

Rustic Thanksgiving decorating ideas | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza

Assemble them to simulate this heartwarming scene on your own Thanksgiving table. Then add creative touches with the same natural look, like these amazing finds:

  1. candle holders made from cylinder vases wrapped in strips of birch bark (the link below contains a great tutorial!) (4)
  2. a charming centerpiece featuring a basin or bowl of apples and floating candles (2)
  3. DIY garlands crafted from acorns (5), autumn leaves, pine cones, dried corn husks, or fabric bunting
  4. inviting place settings with chalkboard-style chargers that you can personalize, plus whimsical napkin accents of fresh leaves (3), bunches of herbs, sprigs of wheat, or even feathers

Other items you can re-purpose into ‘rustic’ Thanksgiving decorations: a crocheted shawl or table runner; knitted blankets or throws; a wooden chopping board or rolling pin; baskets of any kind; wooden crates; berries, nuts, fruits, and vegetables from a nearby farmers’ market. You can probably think of many more!

Of course, you must continue the ‘down home’ theme to your Thanksgiving menu. So, watch out for our upcoming posts on well-loved dishes and desserts to warm your family’s hearts (and tummies) with!

Image Credits:

1 – table setting in a barn – attributed to IKEA Life at Home
2 – floating apples and candles – via Sugar Pie Farmhouse
3 – place setting – A Thoughtful Place
4 – birch bark candleholder – Sand and Sisal
5 – wooden acorn garland – Modern Mountain Design

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