Baby Shower Dessert Ideas with Fruits, Pies, and Parfaits!

Not that we don’t all love cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops. But wouldn’t it be a refreshing change to serve desserts other than these at your celebrations? Yes, there are some really scrumptious options out there! Just see this selection of puddings, parfaits, mini pies, tarts, and fruit salads we found. They’re sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, while being pretty enough to be part of your party decor, too!

Pretty and Yummy Ideas for Dessert!

Baby shower dessert recipes with fruits, pies, and parfaits. Includes sorbets and puddings.

Six out of our 8 yummy finds turned out to be fruity treats! This wasn’t intentional, but we just found ourselves irresistibly drawn to them. Maybe it’s the stunning colors they offer, the fabulously fresh flavors, and (okay we admit it) the possibility that they just might be healthier than most desserts! The other two contain the all-time favorites of chocolate and caramel. So, how could we resist, right?

And since we’re talking party fare here, of course, presentation is key! Just look at the visual appeal of these goodies. From their single-serve size, to their handy containers, to the interplay of colors and textures, to the final fancy garnishes, each one is a sheer delight to behold. And if their accompanying recipes are any indication, they’re just as delicious to eat!

So do you miss the cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops? Didn’t think so!

Recipe Finds:

1 – Fresh fruit shots, attributed to Delectable (via Pinterest, but pin has been deleted)
2 – Raspberry sorbet, by Paula Deen
3 – Chocolate hazelnut tartlets, by My Recipes
4 – Peaches and cream parfaits, by Will Cook for Friends
5 – Tangerine pudding, via
6 – Salted caramel pudding, by Portuguese Girl Cooks
7 – Mini lemon meringue pies, by My Baking Addiction
8 – Fresh berry fruit tarts, by Sugar Coated Kitchen

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