How to Throw a Surprise Spa Themed Valentine’s Party

If your Valentine always seems to be a person on the go, a surprise Valentine’s Day spa party may be just the perfect gift for a day of ultimate pampering and relaxation. You don’t have to be an aromatherapy expert! Just follow your heart and plan the perfect party.

Here is your Valentine’s spa party planning checklist:

1. Select a cozy venue that is accessible, which can be right in your own home!

2. Choose a theme or motif for the party, once you decided where to hold the party. This will be the basis for your party décor.

Spa party manicure decorations

3. Determine your guest list and limiting it to a few people who you would like to relax and unwind with. Emphasize that it is a surprise spa party for your Valentine!

4. Send the invitations out a month ahead so guests can plan accordingly. This is helpful when you consider that some guests might be planning their own dates.

Boxed lunches for spa parties

5. Craft a menu for the day that is doable or one that you can easily ask a caterer to make. If you are on a budget, serve sandwiches, boxed lunches, and finger foods for a light fare. Desserts that are easy to hold such as cupcakes, macarons, and fruits in jars are great just in case you will be giving manicures.

Drinks to serve at a Valentine's spa party

6. Consider what drinks to serve like mimosas, bellinis, and cocktails. A hydration station filled with a variety of flavored water is a popular option.

7. Decide on how many stations you will need to set up such as a massage, manicure, and facial station. If you will be doing this on a limited budget without the help of a pro, then having 1 or 2 stations would be a practical option. You can choose to hire a massage therapist on an hourly basis, if this is feasible for your budget.

Valentine's spa gift bag of goodies

8. Think of what will you be giving out to guests as take home treats. Gift bags filled with assorted goodies are great, but may be costly if you have more than 10 people on the guest list. Spa favors are another option you may consider with many that are DIYable.

Spa favors for Valentine's day surprise party

9. Provide relaxing music that your Valentine would appreciate. Think smooth jazz tunes, flamenco, or classical music.

10. Make the party an “unplugged” event with a special signage that tells guests to keep their smartphones on airplane mode during the duration of the event.

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