DIY “Sip and See” Welcome Party for a Baby Boy in Aqua & Gold

A “Sip and See” gathering is such a delightful way to meet the new bundle of joy—and congratulate the proud Mom and Dad! Here, we have styling ideas that are doable for a welcome party for a baby boy, decked out in an appealing palette of aqua and gold. A perfect setting to enjoy the company of well-wishers from family and friends, share light refreshments, and enjoy fun activities that celebrate the little one’s arrival. (*this post contains affiliate links)

DIY Styling Ideas for a Baby Boy “Sip & See” Party

Styling Ideas for a Baby Boy Sip & See Party from Food to Favors

Send the word out with a sweet and simple New Baby Welcome Party invitation (1 – via Zazzle) in blue stripes and gold polka dots. A preview of the color scheme that will grace the meet-the-baby gathering, showcased in a tiered party cake with a glittered Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star topper (2 – via Amazon) and highlighted in decorations like a turquoise and gold tassel garland (3) (via Amazon).

Keep the party menu light and easy to serve, as guests will be busy cooing over the infant honoree! Soup, salad and sandwiches would be ideal—see our recommended soup + sandwich pairings.

Consider this pretty offering of Creamy Clam Chowder (4 – via Betty Crocker) served in blue-glazed bowls, bite-sized crab cakes, single-serve quiche lorraine, Caesar salad in little bowls, and grilled salmon bites with a hollandaise dip. Or if you’re looking for less food prep, then a sandwich bar would also be a great option.

For light desserts as pretty as the party decor, set up a sweets station offering blue and gold frosted cake pops (5 – via The Blue Owl Bakery), decorated cookies, donuts, and mini cakes.

For party drinks, offer sparkling mocktails, juices, and fruit-infused water in goblets perked up with striped blue straws with gold flaglets (6 – via Celebrations at Home). Although if you’d like to live up to the “sip” component of the occasion, why not toast the baby with some bubbly via a Champagne and Sweets station at the party?

Finally, give themed party favors that match the palette. Think gold chocolate coins, gold foil-wrapped truffles, golden key chains, gold novelty items and keepsakes packaged in aqua fabric wraps (7 – from the Bellenza SHOP).

All in all, a truly lovely welcome for baby, don’t you agree?

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