DIY Valentine’s Party Theme: Ideas from Table Decorations to Gifts

Love is definitely in the air as we countdown to February 14th! So, there are seemingly endless party themes to choose from to mark Valentine’s Day. But why not go with an “un-theme” instead? One that still includes the traditional hearts, roses, lace, and so on but does so via DIY elements—a showcase of home-made and hand-crafted decorations, tablescapes, sweets stations, gifts and favors, and packaging. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Need inspiration? Read on! This mega-post is a treasure trove of ideas for all aspects of a DIY Valentine’s party—all from our own themed sets and curated posts. 

Inspiration for Valentine Party Themes

DIY wine and chocolate Valentine's party

Food-related Themes

Want a classy yet doable motif for your Valentine event? This wine and chocolate tasting party (shown above) would fit the bill perfectly—with tips on best chocolate and wine pairings to serve. While for a more whimsical take on a chocolate theme, you can show off your baking skills with choco confections served at the party, then sent home as favors.

To start your Love Day off sweetly, consider a pancake breakfast party with family members as your “special someones,” or a just-the-two-of-us Valentine’s breakfast with playful touches. For a romantic evening with the love of your life, plan an intimate at-home Valentine’s dinner for two.

Unique Valentine Themes

Borrow an idea from a bridal shower and throw a ladies-only Valentine soiree with a lingerie theme. Or make famous quotes from Shakespeare the inspiration for a party filled with Old World romance.

Even spending this special occasion alone can be marked with a Valentine’s Day party for a broken heart!

Styling Your Valentine’s Party Tablescapes

Valentine’s Party Tablescapes in Red and White

Want easy but eye-catching? Style your party tablescapes with a hip and contemporary palette of red, white, and metallics (shown above), featuring simple china and an edgy DIY candlescape. Use edibles such as candy apples with sprinkles to spice up your palette (shown above)!

For a whole range of tablescaping approaches to choose from, visit our roundup post on our modern to vintage Valentine’s tablescapes. Or take some cues from our modern Valentine’s bridal shower inspiration that’s more about clean, crisp lines, red-on-white contrasts, and graphic elements.

Add black to your Valentine’s tablescape styling and it adds a sophisticated air to the conventional red and white—along with pearls, paper flowers, and candles.

If your gathering will be a big one, you may want to craft a pretty DIY seating plan to help guests find their tables.

Valentine Party Decorations You Can DIY

Valentine Party Decorations You Can DIY in Red and Black

Still on your guest tables, the DIY centerpiece (as shown above) can be a stunning composite of a black, laser-cut runner, acrylic pedestals, red paper flowers, faux pearls, and votive candles. While, for a Valentine’s tea party, just a few well-chosen tea service and serve ware pieces can capture the vintage charm that tea parties are known for.

For a more whimsical look with lighthearted elements, look out for cool and cute novelty items and accent pieces that can be used as Valentine party decor.

And if you’re into crafts, why not assemble a DIY welcome sign all abloom with paper flowers for the occasion? While if your party decor is on the rustic side, handmade pallet signs would make great backdrops for the food buffet or drinks station—or simply to display a love quote or two!

Sweets / Dessert Tables: Chic to Cutesy

Dessert Tables for Valentine's Day with Cake and Macarons

Understated and elegant. That’s the effect you can create for your Valentine’s dessert and drinks table (shown above), using our styling tips and tricks.

For the treats to be displayed, you can’t go wrong with the cutest Valentine’s-themed cupcakes and heart-shaped donuts, decorated cookies and mini cakes, too. Don’t forget heart-shaped macarons, fancy chocolates, and sweet, little petit fours. You may even include gluten-free baked treats for Valentine’s to be sure that all can enjoy!

Candy for a Valentine's Day party

And the serveware, display stands, and containers to show off the goodies (shown above) such as foil-wrapped chocolates, gumballs, swizzle sticks, and marshmallows, and candy coated chocolates in style must be in theme as well.

Favors and Packaging Filled with Love

For a celebration as heartfelt as this, your party favors must be packaged as prettily as possible. You’ve come to the right place! Our Bellenza SHOP offers sophisticated handcrafted favor containers, pouches, purses and wraps that couldn’t be more perfect for Valentine’s!

Elegant Valentine's Favors

The options for favor packaging (shown above) can transform even simple fillings of candies or chocolates into truly luxe-looking favors and gifts for your guests. A lovely gesture would be to have a silk floral pouch awaiting each guest. Aside from sweets, you could fill these with scented potpourri, tea bags, or little trinkets. You need not stick to hearts, cupids, roses, and lace to have romantic favor packagingSilky wraps and heart-shaped treat boxes serve that purpose beautifully, as do embroidered rose pouches and pomander bags.

Crafty, DIY packaging is a wonderful way to personalize your Valentine’s favors—being creative with stamps, twine, stickers, glitter, kraft paper bags, washi tape and more!

Printables and Invitations to Match Your Theme

Valentine's bridal shower invitations

Looking for party elements that ease the planning process? Printables to the rescue!

These come in the form of Valentine’s themed invitations and game cards, as well as party garlands and signs—all the way to favor boxes, bag toppers, and gift tags. DIY printable holders, liners, labels and sleeves are also available for your edible party treats.

Choosing printables with a unified design or that belong to the same themed collection will give your party a polished, pulled-together look with minimal effort!

Valentine’s Drinks to Delight the Heart

Romantic Valentine's Day Drink ideas

One of the easiest ways to say “Happy Valentine’s” with your party drinks is to dress them up with heart-topped straws and stirrers (as shown above). You could also make DIY charms for stemmed wine glasses, labels for wine bottles, and mixing or ingredient signs for drink stations.

For the party drinks themselves, there are Valentine’s-inspired mojitos, sangrias, margaritas, cocktails and mocktails—as well as concoctions of liqueur, juices, and sodas with fruit infusions. And for a bit of fun, why not serve guests “Sprinkled with Love” cocktails that actually have colored sprinkles on their glass rims or floating in the drink itself!

Valentine’s Gifts for Your “Special Someones”

How to make your own Valentine's Day gift basket

If you’ll be greeting a dear family this Valentine’s Day, a gift basket overflowing with gourmet goodies sends the perfect sentiment.

For the ladies among your loved ones, they’re sure to be thrilled to receive spa-themed gifts such as scented soaps and candles, essential oils, lotions, fragrance diffusers and even salon or spa gift certificates!

Valentine's Day gifts for couples

Got some art lovers in your special circle? You can choose cool art prints, photo gifts, and posters. While for newlyweds, accessories for their first home would be much-appreciated gifts.

On a budget? You can always give cute and creative love-themed mugs. Their designs and witty sentiments are sure to spark smiles year-round.

And finally, don’t forget YOU! Give yourself a special Valentine’s Day hug via gift items that declare “I Love Me!”

We did say this would be a mega-post, right? We trust you also got some mega-ideas for making your Valentine’s Day entertaining truly fun and full of love!

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