Butterfly Baby Shower Party Theme: Ideas Fluttering About This Spring!

Butterflies are said to symbolize joy, hope, and life. It is no surprise why a butterfly theme captures spring at its best! Plan a springtime baby shower with a butterfly motif to welcome a new life inspired by the changing season. With these colorful, floral-inspired ideas with a butterfly theme, learn how easy it is to plan this party. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Butterfly Baby Shower Party for a Spring Celebration

Send out an elegant invitation with colorful butterflies (1 – via Basic Invite) fluttering about in a garden. We suggest to give your guests at least two months advance notice. For example, you may choose to send these invites out as early as January, if the event will be in March.

Butterfly Baby Shower Party for a Spring Celebration from Food to Favors

What to Serve at Butterfly Theme Spring Baby Shower Luncheon

Plan a springtime baby shower menu with a light and flavorful fare. Consider a spring mix salad (2 – via Wegmans) topped with walnuts and a vinaigrette dressing. Serve vegetable soups like roasted tomato, squash, or broccoli. Have a buffet table with a variety of appetizers like shrimp in seaweed wraps, vegetable spring rolls, and chicken pot pies.

Since this is a baby shower, you can opt to serve non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling rainbow mocktails (3 – via Nutrition Fit). Prepare a small dessert table with a whimsical butterfly celebration cake (4 – via the folks at Betty Crocker) with frosting, the cutest cupcakes topped with edible sugar butterflies (5 – available on Amazon), and homemade French palmier cookies.

How to Decorate a Springtime Tablescape with Butterflies

Think of a dreamy tablescape (6 – styled by Bellenza) with nature-inspired elements such as faux paper butterflies made with paper cutouts, watercolor, and glitter. Use flowers in a burst of colors such as orange, yellow, and pink. Consider adding simple candlelight atop pretty pearl decorated candle plates (6 – via the Bellenza SHOP). Apply an eclectic mix of table decorations (7 – styled by Bellenza) using what you have at home. Add some sparkle to the scene with confetti butterflies, clear gems, or sequins.

Thank Party Guests with Romantic Floral Favors

Think romantic, floral favor ideas! Present your baby shower guests with fragrant floral sachets (8 – via the Bellenza SHOP) in springtime hues filled with lavender buds. Scented votive in organza wrapping are always welcome. Or, considering edibles such as flower-shaped tea cookies packaged in a rainbow of colors, pretzel rods covered in white chocolate, and honey packaged in honey bear jars.

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